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How building the Ram Temple would do justice to Hindus conscience

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Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma
Engineer, Political Junkie, Researcher of History and Indian Civilization

Let me bring you some history first. We were invaded 1000 years ago by Foreign Mughals and many Arabs because we as a Rashtra was not united and as a peace loving country with many Rajas with their own ambitions, Mughals massacred Hindus and converted them into Islam because they wanted to impose Sharia in this Bharat land. To suppress the voice of Hindus they destroyed temples and made mosques on it. This is now proved by Allahabad High court order that Mosque was built over Temple.

We as a civilization has created many great people like Samarth Ram Das, Guru Govind Singh, Vikramaditya, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, and many more to resurge the wave of Hinduism among its people and fight the invaders.

Then came the British Raj, again because we were not united with one Army and they fooled us to an extent that we starved for food. Then they started destroying our left-over unity by further corrupting our education system, imposing English and destroying Sanskrit. They shook our roots.

We as a civilization were doomed. Then came people like Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda, Shri Aurobindo Ghosh, Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa, and many more people who made our culture alive. However, we remained divided as a caste because of Britishers.

The Britishers successfully created Pakistan by identifying the fault lines of Islam. They ignited the fire between a monotheistic religion vs polytheism. Others who didn’t follow Islams were Kafirs. They successfully divided us by radicalizing the youth and dividing us by spreading rumours in public such as Muslims eating beef and vice-versa for Hindus. This triggered a wave of disagreement among the two communities.

Then came the Secular Era as we got the independence. Nehru successfully injected his secular politics in the then middle class. Nehru was an Indian with absolute British mindset who created policies in chaos.

During Indira Gandhi regime, Congress perfectly corrupted the mindset of people. They exploited the situation to further communalise the society by their dirty appeasement politics. Seeing the success of this fabricated secularism agenda, other political parties like Communist party to gain the power. While Congress continued with the same agenda to remain in power. They looted the nation by dividing the Hindu voters on the grounds of caste regimes (Brahmin, Dalits, OBC’s, etc.). Their further weapon was reservation to divide Hindus on a wide scale.

We entered the age of internet. In 21st century, gradual rising power of RSS and BJP was evident. They made inroads in the political system and slowly united the Hindus on the streets. The big churning of uniting Hindus started from 1925 when RSS was born but it acquired a new form when in centre, Vajpayee-led government came in.

People used to vote before because of the influence and personal relations with the local leaders. They were not aware as to what the country was going through. However, the inherent feeling of being Hindu was there. The internet wave of 2004 to 2014 made people aware of the actual agenda of mainstream media. The hidden narrative of these secular political parties was spotted, which mainstream media used to feed with the help of politicians. The nexus of political parties and media started breaking.

Then came the Modi wave.

People found a leader who is a Hindu nationalist and from a poor and humble background. They realized that their voices, too, can be heard. The connect of this dynamic leader with public was immense.

Mainstream media started giving coverage to Narendra Modi’s rallies to boost their  TRPs. They solely did it all because of business. However, they always played their double standards by spinning any news of Narendra Modi. But people are smart. In this internet age, millions of people find out actual news. They not only exposed the paid media but could also see Narendra Modi’s honesty and nationalism. They caught the lies spread by the prestitutes.

This made Hindu vote united one again in 2014 and brought him into power. In this age of internet and TV, change is very rapid. This may prove to be the golden period in the history of this nation. The nation now has a strong united army which was lost and scattered somewhere between 1947 to 2014. Youth has a strong feeling of nationalism, people are uniting again by studying their culture again. It is a revolution in the history when a common Hindu is identified with his religion, not much by his caste, and to bring our strongest root together, which is our CULTURE. Lord Ram is worshipped from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. To restore the faith of a common Hindu, and to keep that attachment with the religion and culture intact, building a bhavya Ram Mandir is a must. It is any Hindu’s latent wish.

This will make Hindus united like never before. This nation’s people will recognize their strongest roots and that will help us fight radicalism. It would expose the truth of what Hindus have gone through. That will boost the morale of common Hindu and he will proudly feel as Swami VIvekanada said, “Garv se kaho hum Hindu Hain”. This will reverberate in the hearts of its citizens. Then we can again build a Grand Bharat or “अखंड भारत”.

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Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma
Engineer, Political Junkie, Researcher of History and Indian Civilization
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