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I am a big fan of Barkha Dutt: PM Modi

In a shocking revelation, PM Modi admits of being inspired by Barkha Dutt.

अयोध्या में जले दीपों के ताप से हुआ ‘क्लाइमेट चेंज’, कीट-पक्षी जगत का अस्तित्व खतरे में: IWMA रिपोर्ट

दीपावली की पूर्व संध्या पर अयोध्या में जो पंद्रह लाख दियों को प्रज्जवलित किया गया उससे धरती के वायुमंडल का ताप पौने-साढ़े एक गुना बढ़ गया है। इससे पृथ्वी के मौसम में बदलाव आने की संभावना है जो पृथ्वी के पर जीवन के लिए खतरा बन जाएगी।

जब रावण ने पूछा- कहां हैं मेरे हस्ताक्षर?

लंका में सब और मेरे फोटो हैं, होर्डिंग्स, बसें, मेट्रो, समाचार पत्र, टीवी, मीडिया सब जगह मेरा चेहरा है किंतु यदि फाईलों में कुछ गलत हुआ है तो दिखा कहां मेरा नाम है और कहां मेरे हस्ताक्षर हैं? हाहा हाहा हाहा..........

Liberals Attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Navratri Fasting

Rahul Gandhi has questioned how Modi can afford to eat only lemons for 9 days when the common man cannot afford to buy a single lemon.

A non-believer’s conversation with god

I am the most merciful but if you don't believe in me, I can kill you, under my merci!

Satire: Feminism is a patriarchal tool of oppression

Gender studies researchers are now focusing on how feminism as a movement has been propagated by patriarchs to oppress women and other non-binary infinite genders.

PM Modi and CM Yogi, a big reason behind rising unemployment!

Ever since, BJP rose to power in 2014 and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, there have been tons of people forced out of their regular or conventional jobs. The Modi government has shut down more than 5,43,000 shell companies.

Tale of donations: Unending saga of blind hate

One may say that there’s lot of unemployment, but there is a good news for everyone. There is a new job in the Twitter market, some Crusaders who have found themselves unemployed have probably employed by a fantastic idea of collecting money for filing RTIs!!

Atrangi Bhaiya Ji of Uttar Pradesh

Spoiler Alert!: This is a satire on the current state of electoral politics/ campaigns in UP and not a movie review.

10 reasons why you should blindly vote for Congress

If you haven't already voted for the Indian National Congress you should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe it's because of your "Hindutva" patriarchy (which is a bigger problem).

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