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Is the ideologically leftist media ruling our brains?

It is remarkable to observe the dominance of leftist publications to the extent that anything on the centre of the right is considered the source of fake news and detrimental to society. CNN, BBC, TIME, and The New York Times, all well-known news sources, align with political-left views. What confounds me is that in a capitalist society like the US, left-leaning media thrives and overwhelmingly shapes opinions.

The propagated propaganda or the rise of an era?

How Prime minister Narendra Modi led BJP raised and now way of fulfilling promises made by Shri Syama Prasad Mookherjee and Vajpayee ji.

Gang rape with minor tribal girl, 1 out of 3 accused arrested

A case of alleged gang rape of a minor tribal girl returning home from a cultural program has come to light in Khowai district of Tripura.

ईमानदार पत्रकार कहीं मिलेंगे या राजनीति में दब जाएंगे

पत्रकार कोई जादूगर तो नहीं होते की गायब हो जाए, उनका भी परिवार होता है और उनकी भी भावनाएं होती है। वह पत्रकार इसीलिए बना की वह सच की आवाज को उठा सके और गांव और समाज की हालत को सुधार सके। गांव के पत्रकारों में ही ईमानदारी शेष है वो भी राजनीति में दब जाते है।

अनाथ, अबला, बेसहारा मोहम्मद जुबेर को आखिर मिला हर आंतकवादी के पक्ष में लड़ने वाली वकील वृंदा ग्रोवर का, मिली जमानत

मोहम्मद जुबेर जो खुद को पत्रकार मानने से इनकार कर रहा था आज मिलोर्ड ने जबरदस्ती का ठुसकर पत्रकार बनाकर जिम्मेदारी के साथ कहा कि आखिर पत्रकार को भला थोड़े ही ट्वीट करने या गंदगी करने से रोक सकते है?

Patchy news about Indian wheat export ban created perplexity

This whole confusion reached to an extent that it gave rise to another headline “G7 criticizes India decision to stop wheat exports: Germany''.

‘DD Kashir’s ‘Prestigious’ breakfast show Good Morning J&K- A damp squib’

The waning interest and charm has many reasons but the professional staff which has superannuated over the years and the programmes comes into the hands of lower-rung staff and casuals is the main cause of its decline.

YouTuber calls out Bollywood for its hypocrisy on the Northeast over the new trailer of ‘Anek’ by Anubhav Sinha: What he said

Anubhav Sinha is about to release his new political drama/thriller Anek which will feature Ayushmann Khurrana as a Special Forces operative in the Northeast.

Newslaundry on ‘secularism’: Half-truths and complete omissions

On 11th May 2022, far left propaganda website, Newslaundry, released a video “How the Meaning of Secularism has changed through the ages | Sansad Watch Ep 33”.

Bawani Imli: An unsung saga of the supreme sacrifice

"Whoever takes the body from the tree will face the same fate"

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