Monday, August 15, 2022


Lets respect the COVID-19 precautionary methods NOW, as Third Wave of the pandemic hits now in India

our Government is working very hard every single day to fight with this Pandemic. Let us also help our Government by just following this simple precautionary methods.

Foreign Media is the Anglophiles’ favourite plaything

Foreign media at this point is just a pathetic joke. Their journalists have become pseudo-political critics, and their outlets have long lost their credibility.

Shameless Ravish Kumar’s Prime Time on inflation

During, Modi govt's 1st term, Journalists like Ravish Kumar were at least pretending to be neutral and were making efforts to cover up their misdemeanors; were furthering their agendas discreetly. Now, they have got the audacity to showcase their biased journalism without any shame, they do it right in your face, staring in your eyes and if you blink.

The changing nature of journalism is changing with the times

According to the time and according to the thinking of the people, journalism has changed its nature.

Standard of journalism seems to be falling day by day

If present-day journalism is to be defined, then it can be termed as an undertaking to vigorously spread the continuous sequence of selling human sensibilities.

Deterioration of journalism for the channel’s TRP is a matter of concern

Indian channels have been making their place in the TRP race in the past. After the recent terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir and subsequent airstrikes by India on terrorist bases in Pakistan, the manner in which most of the channels tried to incite war hysteria has become a global rage.

Dereliction of fourth estate?

Will the Fourth Estate uphold its solemn responsibility bestowed upon it by Us the People, or will it continue with blatant dereliction of its duties by turning a blind eye to the horrors of Taliban remains to be seen.

Just can’t ignore Twitter & NYT bravados

If the citizens of India won’t wake up now against the all-round, well-planned and organized assaults on our national sovereignty, forget that there will ever have any time for India to recoup.

Is India Today becoming openly partisan?Their Bengal election analysis seems so

Written by Romita Dutta, Associate Editor, her article on the Bengal election results, look far from seeming like an insightful analysis of the elections, the piece reads like a rabid anti-BJP activist’s polemical rant

Indian journalism in 21st century: Old wine in new bottle

As journalists’ credibility not improved despite media has experienced both vertical and horizontal growth and massive reach among the audience in 21st century

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