Monday, August 15, 2022


India’s COVID woes worsen– entire India gasping for air

The grim situation of India in the aftermath of the second COVID-19 wave, has turned all to tizzy and topsy-turvy.

Rohit Sardana: The untold Story of virtuous Journalist

Rohit Sardana: The untold Story of virtuous Journalist

प्रशांत किशोर लीक और लुटियन मीडिया की खामोशी, मोदी विरोधी मीडिया के ताबूत में एक और कील

मोदी की लोकप्रियता पर प्रशांत के कबूलनामे ने लुटियन मीडिया गैंग की पेशानी पर बल ला दिए हैं। विपक्ष और लुटियन मीडिया गैंग अब भी मोदी की लोकप्रियता का कारण नहीं समझ पा रहा है?

NDTV’s unethical practices and questionable integrity

"The Investigative Journalist" Nidhi Razdan when failed to investigate her own employment offer!

Rejoinder: More gas than substance

The eminent journalist has not proved “Modi is more gas than substance” though he uses to write because he is a privileged columnist.

Destroying the “Swastika” narrative

New York Post didn't want to go top to bottom and discover the underlying foundations of Nazi image, utilized by Nazi's and anti- Semitists even today.

Why they hate Arnab Goswami

First he won over the English speaking city viewers and then the vast populations of Hindi hinterland from the Lutyens that they believed were sole preserve of theirs alone. He has in effect dealt a death knell to the Lutyens monopoly for decades over the consumption of content fed to ordinary citizens.

Understanding issues around Fake News

There have been plenty of instances where the reportage by a media house turns out to be false or if the reportage is not false in its entirety but therein elements deliberately introduced to cater a narrative of the which media house try to propagate, the reporter reporting such news piece cannot be said to be a reporter rather can be said to as an opinion influencer.

Looks like MSM is about to surrender to Tom-Dick-Harish

When MSM behaves as irresponsibly as SM, boycotting them is the way out!

Maha oppression: Who dare while others fly

Many cruel rulers and dictators used several tactics to contain resistance, by arresting, eliminating, and harassing all those who raised voice against them. History...

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