Friday, May 7, 2021


Media ethics in journalism

Free media should be there to acts as a watchdog to the government[3] and is also a channel to connect people with its government.

Pakistan to Mapistan: Decoding the real intent

Pakistan wants the use of IIOJK and not IOJK or JOK. It said that the term used Jammu and Kashmir henceforth should be “Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir” as approved to “Indian Occupied Kashmir”.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the spiral of propaganda

WSJ seems to be pushing the same Chinese propaganda to show the Modi-trump alliance in a bad light so that Biden whose ideologies align with our foe China can be victorious.

Politicians-Criminals-Bureaucratic nexus: Saga of crime – punishment, political administration of UP

criminal is never dependent on political shade but interdependent on the three-round circles: politicians-criminals-bureaucratic nexus.

Shekhar Gupta loses the Burqa of neutrality: Ends up peddling Congress agenda

Before BJP advent, elections were won by diving Hindus along caste lines in UP. With Congress trying to make a comeback in UP, more and more attempts will be made to pitch castes against castes.

लूट की दुकान: राजीव गाँधी फाउंडेशन

राजीव गाँधी फाउंडेशन की अध्यक्ष सोनिया गाँधी हैं और राहुल गाँधी, प्रियंका वाड्रा, चिदंबरम और मनमोहन सिंह इसके अन्य ट्रस्टी हैं. इस ट्रस्ट ने सभी नियमों कानूनों को ताक पर रखकर न सिर्फ विदेशी संस्थाओं से दान लिया है, बल्कि प्रधान मंत्री नेशनल रिलीफ फण्ड, केंद्र सरकार के मंत्रालयों और विभिन्न सरकारी कंपनियों से भी काफी मात्रा में दान लिया है.

NDTV continues it’s hypocritical legacy

After publishing the report at 5:35 PM IST, NDTV edited the report around 6 hours later and carefully changed ‘fed’ to ‘ate’ and from Malappuram to Palakkad district.

The politics and commerce of anti-Hindu content in mass media

In the past few years in India, we have come across an unusual situation where a number of mass media outlets seem to be “two timers” as in one branch of the organization will support the nationalist narrative and the other will support the leftist narrative.

Media: A stain on democracy

if media houses (considered as fourth pillar of democracy) really want to help migrant workers they should have done that and this crisis was got resolved till now, but what they worried for is just only for their so-called "prime time show reports".

कोई गणित का मास्टर है या क्रिकेट का फैन लेकिन भारत में उसे जिहाद फैलाने का अधिकार नहीं मिलेगा

भारतीय मीडिया की एक महान विशेषता है कि उसके पास किसी अपराधी या आतंकी के अपराध को छुपा देने की रेसिपी है।

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