Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Badshah Babur defeated Shaybani Khan; but only in “The Empire”- the show

It narrates a story that is a work of imagination, which, in a country like India where a very large section of society does not care about the veracity of the facts, is extremely dangerous.

Busting the myths and fake news regarding Contract Farming

There're two sides. On one side are the people like these who do not want any kind of reforms and want to keep the "policy paralysis" state as is, on the other side are the people like us, who want reforms and were fad up of the "policy paralysis" state and don't what it any more.

The reasons behind Rahul Gandhi’s obsession with Ambani, Adani!

If we follow Mr. Rahul Gandhi, it looks like whatever is happening in India or has happened in India in the last six years is Ambani's and Adani's doing.

Deep Sidhu and the pro-anarchy brigade

It is hilarious how pro-anarchy brigade is trying to build its escape plan on a picture of Deep Sidhu standing along side PM Modi and Sunny Deol.

Interesting “Tandav” challenges the conventional entertainment in India

Tandav actually challenges the way conventional entertainment has been in India not only for years but for decades now. It's a good story if a right wing student leader is corrupt and greedy but it is not a good story if the left leaning student leader does the same thing.

NDTV’s unethical practices and questionable integrity

"The Investigative Journalist" Nidhi Razdan when failed to investigate her own employment offer!

Here is why I support the farmers protest!

According to the protesters, govt should consult every sets of people before making any laws for them. For, should govt also consult criminals before deciding laws for crime?

One step closer to Congress Mukt Bharat

All the parties supporting these irrelevant protests will lose their vote shares as and when they go for elections. Congress's strong bastion in the name of Punjab slipping out of its hands in 2022 might just be the last nail in the coffin.

Farmers protest heading towards a disastrous end

if the laws and acts are going to be decided by protests, why do we need a parliament? Indian Constitution provides ample options to the state government to challenge the bills enacted by the central government in the court of law.

The reality of Bihar Election Results analysis

It looks like there are many forces supporting the Naxalites in India. #UrbanNaxal is real! Forget acknowledging Urban Naxals, media is now not ready to acknowledge even the idea of Naxalites.

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