Saturday, September 25, 2021


50 years and glass still half full: MTP Amendment Act still a far cry from inclusive and progressive

There was great expectation that the amendments to the MTP Act would truly make it contemporary and progressive, establishing India’s leadership in setting the global agenda on a sensitive subject.

Namo leaves behind Nehru as world leader

The kind of hatred and animosity spread towards him by a section of the media has instinctively poured oil on the stomach of the pseudosecular gang and so they have started praising Nehru.

Revisiting Sabyasachi x H&M

Sustainability, truly, begins with us. Before calling the designers and fashion brands out for their unsustainable and unethical ways, let us first change our attitudes towards fashion.

Relations of production: Role of fundamental texts, polity, and economy in ancient India

This article deals with the origin of Indian society from sacred text and its evolution by political and economic dynamics.

The extra ordinary journey of an ordinary patriot from Pracharak to Prime Minister

Modi has to face several challenging circumstances which he faced with undeterred courage.The most important quality to become a leader.

Citizens as custodians of the media

The media is not expected to be neutral in all cases, but it has to present the right facts.

Smart villages for a powerful & resilient Bharat

Today we need to re-design our rural model going back to our Vedic roots and amalgamating it with modern practises, technology and expertise.

Dharmic concept of “SARV DHARM SAMBHAAV”, rather than the western concept of secularism, might hold the keys to a peaceful future for humanity

It would be an infinitely better world if religious leaders across different faiths muster the courage of conviction to reform

Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference was a flop show

They seem to be attacking everything core to Hinduism – from Hindu greeting (“Jai Shree Ram”) to Brahminism. For them Hindutva is the alter ego of Brahminism in “its most militant and fascist form”.

Kashmiri Pandit – An injured unarmed soldier of India

An innocent small girl child was forced to live her entire ‘one and only’ life without her own parent, just because someone under the...

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