Sunday, November 27, 2022


Digital Rupee: RBI’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

The Central Bank Digital Currency of the Reserve Bank of India can be referred to as the electronic form of the rupee i.e The Digital Rupee, and is exchangeable one-to-one at par with the fiat currency.

India’s chronic disease burden requires the behavioural science approach

We all need to acknowledge the significant role of health literacy in the coming years and work to counter irrational health behaviours at every level, from individual to societal.

Snatching from ‘deserved’ and gifting to ‘reserved’

The reservation policy is slowly and steadily hollowing out our system. Isn’t it time for it to be redefined ? How long will it continue?

Just a Bhakt’s Dream!

Narendra Modi is a megalomaniac and a facist!

India of Mughal, Brit and Nehru

Gradually, but in a determined manner, present India is trying to reclaim its indigenous glory and heritage of benign Indic Civilization which is at least five thousand years old.

T20 World Cup Final! An outstanding treat for the audience

It was tough luck for Pakistan today! There was nothing worth noting in the first innings of the game.

Free electricity in Delhi: Just another bluff?

Is electricity all that we need? Or are there some serious issues to be taken into consideration before choosing our leader? Well, according to Arvind Kejriwal, electricity is the sole weapon to fight the elections.

Debunking AAP’s so-called Education Model

The truth shall prevail, common people and fellow citizens have the right to know the monkey business of the AAP government.

शख्सियत – मॉं भारती की सेवा के लिए समर्पित योद्धा ‘जनरल वीके सिंह’

कमांडो से सेनाध्यक्ष अब एक सफल राजनेता 'जनरल वीके सिंह': संकट के समय में संकटमोचक की भूमिका का बार-बार निर्वहन करते 'जनरल वीके सिंह'

Some major gaps in Islam

As per Islam, actual life begins after death. So, the main objects of Muslims are to praise Allah and spread Islam, even violently, in this life.

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