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आबादी आबादी, बर्बादी बर्बादी

बढ़ रही है जनसंख्या तो बढ़ने दो; आ रही है मुश्किले तो आने दो, अगर यह भीड़ गायब हो गई; तो पत्थर कौन फेंकेंगा, शहर कौन जलायेगा; धरने कौन देगा, बढ रही है आबादी तो बढ़ने दो

“Gaumutra” Vaccine: Against all odds

While on one hand we celebrate Sundar Pichais and Satya Nadellas of this world, on the other hand we suffer from deep rooted inferiority complex by mocking our indigenous vaccine - covaxin.

Vande Bharatam- A new compact for ancient Bharat

Now is the time to work towards ringing in a new compact - that would ensure the Security of India and strengthen the Steel Frame in the service of achieving the civilizational goal of India.

Left Leaning indoctrination in DU’s societies

The much hyped societies of DU are a breeding ground of left leaning delusions. To anyone who is planning to join, have fun but with caution!

How DMK is anti Hindu: The silence of rest of India is empowering DMK

Listed here are some of the countless anti Hindu rants by DMK leaders. Not a single DMK leader will ever dream to make similar comments on other religions

Self-styled custodian of freedom needs to look within

French media watchdog Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF) aka Reporters Without Borders recently named India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a ‘predator of press freedom’,...

A laconic reflection of the vociferous coronavirus pandemic on the already relegated individuals

As the blustery pandemic pummeled mercilessly, the third-gender and Non-Binary community dis-proportionally condoned the socioeconomic hardships of the pandemic.

मजबूत सरकार का मजबूत मत्रिमंडल

सरकार मजबूत भी होती है और मजबूर भी होती है।मोदी 2.0 के मत्रिमंडल में हुए बड़े फेरबदल को मजबूत सरकार के प्रतीकात्मक रूप में...

“बिशुन बिशुन बार बार”– खो गया परम्परा का प्रवाह

हम उस पीढ़ी से हैं जिसने बचपन में लोकपर्व बहुत आनन्द लिया है और अब धीरे धीरे इसका विलोपन सा होते देख रही है। तब ये छोटे छोटे लोकपर्व भी महापर्व हुआ करते थे।

Dowry: A custom relishing Indian weddings

The only way to eliminate this unethical practice is by providing equal education and economic opportunities to girls.

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