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DUSU elections: Student welfare or money-power play?

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Delhi University Students Union is known to be one of the most prominent student elections in the country which claims to be a student union but the reality is much more than that. While candidates and parties involved portray to be student organizations, the reality differs far away from the student life. 

While it is all glittery on the outside where every candidate puts forth the claims of ‘changing the university’, the reality lies on the campus roads at 2 A.M in the night where alcohols and weed make their way through the boys hostels, it lies behind the AC rooms where men throw money and women are asked to throw their bodies, it lies behind a caste system which looks at the surname of every candidate, it lies behind the big politicians who treat them as puppets of their own interest and it lies behind gender of superiority where a women can never be a Presidential Candidate. 

Elections are happening again in 2023, the key candidates are again money and power which are bound to win but where are we headed as a student community is a question. University of Delhi does not belong to rich brats but it belongs to student leaders who understand the student struggles. It deserves a union which works on the ground and not in their AC cabin. It deserves a fair union which is a students union and not a means of exploiting power. 

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