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Narasimhan Vijayaraghavan

The author is practicing advocate in the Madras High Court

Who will prosecute the prosecution?

It is singularly unfortunate that our criminal justice system is not just  ‘creaking but plain simple broke’ as jurist Harish Salve said, and needs not band aid fixes, but desperate  surgical remedies.

Criminal justice system is ‘creaking’

The system is creaking. No doubt. Senior Advocate Harish Salve goes brutal to say it is ‘broken’. And it needs fixing. The issues flagged off by the Justices and the Union Law Minister are intermingled. It deserves structural changes.

The New Magna Carta- A Racy Read

In dog eat dog world of commerce, in law, what we may surely have are advocates fearless in doing what their commerce guides them to, and deem it their privileged/arduous duty to see their clients, eternally pleased, by keeping the court in good humour, and never ever get on the feud side, all the time. That is as Fearless as we can get.

SCOTUS’ originalism is a force for evil

SCOTUS’ Originalism is a force for evil not good. That was a statement made by a Havard Law Professor in 1990s. It rings true in June, 2022.

Corruption is the mother of all laws

Describing Tamil Nadu as a gifted land with many waterbodies, Chief Justice of Madras High Court Munishwar Nath Bhandari spoke on June 15th,2022 about the wilful negligence of certain corrupt officials, who fail to take prompt action, was spoiling the resources. He

It’s politics stupid!

Is it not bewildering that the Congress spokespersons mechanically touted the ‘political conspiracy’ hypothesis, yet again? For INC and the Gandhis are not to blame.

A tainted record in welfare jurisdiction

Come 2018, Justice K Chandru (Retd) sat as a One Man Commission and reported Rs.54 crores claims were ‘duplicate’. Got them withdrawn. And the multiple ways in which miracles were performed by tricksters in this ‘welfare jurisdiction to usher in social justice’ were laid out in facts, figures, anecdotes and more.

Template on a platter from Justices R Mahadevan and P D Audikesavalu

To Preserve and Protect Temples, Monuments of Heritage & National Importance

USA is now a constitutional relic & not a republic

All the founders of the US Constitution and even our own framers from the Constituent Assembly must be squirming in their graves, on what is playing out in the US.

Time to be contemptuous of such contempts

Why should the Attorney General or the top court be wasting their time, effort and resources in pursing these ‘characters’ - Arundhati Roy, Prashant Bushan, Kunal Kamra, in painting them darker than they are, for they love it as much as the decent, dignified and respectable abhor it.

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