Saturday, May 8, 2021


Cruel Caesar Bengalicus – A history lover’s reading of the violence in Bengal

The land of Rabindranath Tagore cannot be ruled by a malevolent dictator who has people killed just for holding the "wrong" political views.

Why BJP lost in Bengal and what now?

The field now seems to lie open for a free for all play of violence of the kind we are witnessing today unless the new government acts decisively and fairly.

How Bengal looks like after TMC’s win

BJP supporters and members were brutally beaten till death, their houses were destroyed only to prove the political domination by TMC goons. This video will give us a proper understanding about it:

Pak Media applaud Mamta for keeping BJP out of power

A day after Mamta concede her win from the Bengal with a clear sweep of around two-third of majority, Pakistan media started printing news...

India’s COVID woes worsen– entire India gasping for air

The grim situation of India in the aftermath of the second COVID-19 wave, has turned all to tizzy and topsy-turvy.

What India taught the world during Covid-19?

When the world was stupefied due to the Global Pandemic Covid-19 and the best of global health infrastructure failed, it was New India with the 'mantra' of 'Sarve Santu Niramayaha' (May All Be Healthy) that helped the struggling world to fight against Covid-19

Constructive criticism something which TMC MP Mahua Moitra is yet to learn?

She has nearly 913 Tweets on twitter most of which are hate speeches against the GOI.

इस ऑटो वाले के हौंसले और जज्बे को सैल्यूट, कोरोना मरीजों के लिए बनें देवदूत, शुरू कर दी फ्री सर्विस

रवि अग्रवाल पेशे से ऑटो चलाने का काम करते हैं। मगर उनके दिल में पीडि़त लोगों की मदद का जो जज्बा है, वह बेमिसाल है।

The Golden bird must recover soon to fly again

The golden bird called India today is at a brink of losing its glory - its people, its lifeline. A nation without its people, is nothing but just a barren territory.

India: A republic being nation

It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that India does not live like a nation. Rather she lives like a multinational nation where the smaller nations are system less, capital less and in emotional marriage with a quasi-self-actualization approach.

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