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फिल्म द केरला स्टोरी के प्रदर्शन में मुस्लिम संघ ने डाली बाधा

फिल्म विदेशों में भी रिलीज हुई थी और इसे मिली-जुली प्रतिक्रिया मिली थी। लेकिन ब्रिटेन में फिल्म द केरला स्टोरी की स्क्रीनिंग के दौरान एक ऐसी घटना हुई जिसमें एक मुस्लिम संगठन ने फिल्म की स्क्रीनिंग में बाधा डाली।

What is ‘Sudan Conflict’? Sudan crisis simplified

Sudan Conflict:- You might be hearing about Sudan conflict in the news since 'Operation Kaveri'. According to some sources, Sudan is one of the most...

Celebrating the 100th edition of PM Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat

In episode 100 of Mann Ki Baat, the Prime Minister talks about how his radio program has sparked mass movements and inspired social change. This article explores the impact of Mann Ki Baat and how it has become a platform for connecting with the masses.

The Competition (Amendment) Act, 2023- A reflection of international India

On March 29, 2023, the Lok Sabha adopted the Competition (Amendment) Bill 2023, marking a significant advancement.

How to exploit people if you are a Trinamool Leader in West Bengal

If the constructions were illegal in the first place, how did the local Trinamool leaders charge an amount of twenty-five thousand for their settling in the first place?

Is India’s real self rule from 2014- flustering the non state organizations?

Can anyone reason it out as to why a Billionaire not connected to India by birth, family or business interests of significance is interested in a regime change in India?

Surprising? Record defence exports from India

Currently India has fortified the ordnance production and have increased the number of factories from 18 in 1947 to 41 in 2023.

हाँ तुम सावरकर कभी नहीं हो सकते क्योंकि: “सावरकर बनने के लिए..”

जिस सावरकर की प्रसंशा तुम्हारी दादी ने की, जिस सावरकर का सामना तुम्हारे नाना कभी नहीं कर पाये, जिस सावरकर को तुम्हारे चाचा सम्मानित करने हेतु सदैव तैयार रहते थे, जिस सावरकर को स्वयं महात्मा गाँधी "राष्ट्र का सपूत" मानते थे और जिस सावरकर को गोरे (अंग्रेज) भारत का सबसे योग्य, ज्ञानी और अपने साम्राज्य के लिए सबसे खतरनाक व्यक्ति मानते थे, उस सावरकर जैसा बनना तो दूर आप ऐसी सोच भी नहीं रख सकते।

A new superpower- A new India Britain Union (IBU) should occur with these territories

A new superpower- A new India Britain Union (IBU) should occur with these territories- Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka! Why India and Britain should unite as equals!

Islamist takeover of Bangladesh getting inevitable

On January 5, 2014, BNP and JeI boycotted the election and resorted to terrorist activities thus attacking, looting, and vandalizing Hindu homes and temple, while a large number of Hindu girls and women fell victims of sexual violence and rape.

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