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What is ‘Sudan Conflict’? Sudan crisis simplified

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Sudan Conflict:-

You might be hearing about Sudan conflict in the news since ‘Operation Kaveri’. According to some sources, Sudan is one of the most dangerous country in the world. It also had a 30 year civil war which basically gave independence to South Sudan in 2011. So to understand the conflict we have to know how the system works in Sudan.

Sudan System:-

In Sudan, there are two positions which lead the country, One is president and another is prime minister.

President is mostly either came as civil society as a politician or either current military serving officer. Prime minister on the other hand was in charge after getting elected from democratic elections.

But in 1989, the then Brigadier general of Sudan ‘Omal-Al-Bashir’ was the president of Sudan. He with the help of few military leaders overthrew the then prime minister ‘Sadiq-Al-Mahdi’ and abolished the post of prime minister. He was the president of Sudan since 1989 till 2019.


What Happened:-

In 2019, he appointed Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan as Inspector General of the Sudanese Army. He knew that he could also be overthrown like he did to prime minister post (according to few analysts). So he appointed Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo as Dy.Gen. of the Rapid Action Force (RSF). Now Burhan and Dagalo allegedly “Betrayed” Bashir and overthrew him and Burhan became the president. They both were working together since 2017 Yemen war. Just after two months of appointing them, they overthrew Bashir. Burhan wanted to solidify relations with the US, Israel and other golf countries.

Hence have to be democratic. So, In August 2019, he created a federal body Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) in Sudan which shared power between civil political groups and military junta (group of military leaders). He was the Chairman of the body and made Dagalo the Vice-Chairman. Just after creating this body, he met the then foreign secretary of the US ‘Mike Pompeo’, and in December 2019, was invited to America by ‘Donald Trump’.

As planned made strong ties with US, Israel and other gulf countries till October 2019. Here what happened is when TSC was formed, it was made only to run for three years and three months or 39 months to be exact. In this 39 months, military would rule 21 months and political groups 18 months. This 21 months should end in November 2021. In October 2021, Burhan arrested all the political groups, journalists leaders and house arrested them.

This was called ‘Sudan coup d’état’. In fear of losing ties with the US, Israel and other gulf countries, Burhan appointed other politicians/members. But it turns out that the appointed people were previously associated with Omal-Al-Bashir. See, Bashir has trusted Dagalo more than Burhan So, Dagalo feared a revolt against him and aligned RSF officers against Burhan. Seeing this Burhan quickly disbanded RSF. But on April 15 2023, Some RSF People started firing on Sudanese army .

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