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America’s Afghanistan experience: Hubris and patience at its ends

The only lesson that the US may have taken from its Afghanistan campaign is perhaps that it should avoid directly fighting a war. And that is what it is doing in Ukraine.   

What is ‘Sudan Conflict’? Sudan crisis simplified

Sudan Conflict:- You might be hearing about Sudan conflict in the news since 'Operation Kaveri'. According to some sources, Sudan is one of the most...

India banned Tik Tok; why the US should ban it as well

India banned Tik Tok; why the US should ban it as well, including Huawei's ROMA, GaussDB and Pinduoduo! Views from a former Ofcom Advisor, that got Huawei banned for 5G!

The hypocrisy of the West

Rahul Gandhi has been given every right to protest and go to the honorable courts of our country.  Maybe the states need to look into their own affairs!

How red voracity will be used and thrown in West: The Communism of errors

The red revolution which fought against the dynasties and dictatorship now has the same visage. 

From Bin Laden to Al Zawahiri: The evolution of America’s targeted killing strategy

Ayman Al Zawahiri is reported to have been killed in a smooth ‘surgical missile strike’ by the USA,  firing two Hellfire R9X missiles on the target, and apparently without any collateral damage.

India: A geopolitical and a geostrategic player?

In the last thirty or forty years, there has been a power shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific region, led by China in particular.

Islamist sectarian violence in the United States of America

Besides Shia-Sunni, there are many other sects of Islam the orthodox Sunnis are against. Their violent skirmishes are sometimes witnessed in the Western countries as well.

Genderism in a ring of fire

Looking at the future, one thing above all we must accept that biology has never and will never support the variation of sexes nor reproduction is successfully possible between homogeneous sexes. It’s the social construct that supports the existence of multiple genders.

Genesis of hardening the soft power

The terms "hard power" and "soft power" refer to a continuum with a variety of tools that have varying degrees of coercion or persuasion. These tools include retribution, coercion, incentive, goal-setting, persuasion, and attractiveness.

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