Friday, April 12, 2024
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Sankrithi Ranganathan

The hypocrisy of the West

Rahul Gandhi has been given every right to protest and go to the honorable courts of our country.  Maybe the states need to look into their own affairs!

Considering how much he loves Pakistan, why does Sidhu not go there?

While interacting with the CEO of Kartarpur project, Sidhu made a remark that Imran khan is his ‘big brother’ 

Not just Arnab Goswami; truth has won

Justice served to Arnab Goswami instills faith in judiciary in common man too.

India- the upcoming superpower

As an Indian, don't we all want to tell our future generations that this building was built by us, the taxpaying citizens of this country?

Does the ‘Editors Guild Of India’ deserve any recognition or respect anymore?

While organizations like Republic and OpIndia fight their battles, isn't it the responsibility of the editors guild of India to raise their voice for the honest journalists in this country?

Editor-In-Chief of Opindia, Nupur Sharma – leaves Bengal

Nupur Sharma and her family were in West Bengal - due to the security at stake Nupur Sharma took to Twitter and announced that she wasn't going to stay in Bengal anymore due to the fascism being done by the TMC.

International media lauds Arnab Goswami for his stand on Joe Biden

The International audience is all talking about Arnab Goswami while the Lutyens lobby in our country doesn't show even half the truth that Arnab shows.

Hindus and Sikhs are being brought to India is not secular: When was any Muslim denied to come back to India?

The lobby says that India is not secular under the BJP. If it is so, then like other Islamic nations in our country's preamble, we can also state that we are a 'Hindu Nation'.

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