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Hindus and Sikhs are being brought to India is not secular: When was any Muslim denied to come back to India?

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As the situation in Afghanistan gets worse, the central govt decided to bring back all the Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan back to India. The lobby says that the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is not being secular. Their question is – why only Hindus and Sikhs? Why not Muslims?

Now, let’s ask them a question. When was any Muslim denied to come back to India? Let them give us one example. The Indian government has made sure that not only Indians return back to India but also the Afghans who want to come back to India have been given full liberty. Now the same people call this “Hindutva Terror” – is this secular? This was started by the usual lobby, Saba Naqvi, Swara Bhaskar

Why is there such Hinduphobia? If we are so problematic then they can happily go to Afghanistan or 52 other Islamic countries. The lobby says that India is not secular under the BJP. If it is so, then like other Islamic nations in our country’s preamble, we can also state that we are a ‘Hindu Nation’. When these people compare RSS to the Taliban then my question to them is, is the RSS exploiting women? are they going around with guns around the country? did they kill women? Their arguments clearly have no substance!

This is purely a way to cover Islamic terrorism done by the Taliban. A malicious way of diverting Islamic terrorism by Hindutva terror. This is an utterly shameful act.

Why such hate towards Hinduism? Why such hatred against India? These people who spread such hatred carry the same Indian passport! If they hate India and a particular religion soo much, then leave the country!

The people of this country are extremely furious. This is a clear act of covering Islamic terrorism which is happening in the Taliban by the so-called ‘Hindutva Terror’ by the toolkit gang!

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