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Frequently Asked Questions about article submissions to OpIndia

FAQs about user contributions at MyVoice platform of OpIndia

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Q1. How long will it take for my submission to be approved or rejected?

Please give us time of two working days, although we will try to take a final call on moderation earlier than that. If your contribution is pending even after two working days, please get in touch with us through email giving relevant details.

Q2. Why was my submission rejected/deleted?

Although we try to publish as many submissions as we get, we may reject some if they don’t meet the editorial guidelines mentioned here. Please make sure that your article meets the guidelines before submitting it for review.

Q3. Why was my article not published on the main OpIndia English or Hindi websites?

Please understand that it is our editorial discretion to choose and transfer selected articles. We can’t publish all contributions on the main website; otherwise we wouldn’t have needed to launch “MyVoice”! Please read here why we decided to launch this community driven chapter.

If an article is not published on the main website, it simply means that it didn’t meet our requirements on that particular day. However, those requirements won’t necessarily be about the “editorial quality” of the article; it could be as technical as publishing schedule. Say, we had already published x number of articles on a day so your article couldn’t be accommodated.

Please understand that we are not trying to pass any editorial comment or leave any value judgment on your article by not transferring them to the main website. It could well be the case that an article published on “MyVoice” has better “editorial quality” than the one published on the main website.

Q4. Why was my article not shared in the social media through main OpIndia social profiles?

Answer is same as the one offered for Q3 – please allow us that much of editorial discretion.

Q5: Why was my article not picked for being Featured on top of homepage?

Answer is same as the one offered for Q3 – please allow us that much of editorial discretion.

Q6. Can you delete or make changes to an article of mine that was already published?

We don’t allow changes to already published articles under normal circumstances. Please review and double check your articles before submitting them for review. If there is a genuine case for any modification, you can get in touch with us through email explaining the need for modification and we will consider it. Same goes for deletion of articles; you must explain and justify it with details. The final decision on deletion will be taken by our editorial team.

Q7. Can you delete or make changes to an article of someone else that was published on your website? I find it offensive.

Sorry, we can’t entertain any requests of modifications if the article is not by you. We apologize if your sentiments were hurt, but we can’t do anything beyond that.

But you can do something more than that. You are encouraged to write a counter to the article (but it should meet our editorial guidelines). You should especially counter if you find an article making wrong claims or conclusions by writing a better argued article. If there is a compelling case, we can update the original article by appending a link to your counter article.

Q8. Can you delete a comment left by some reader on an article of mine?

The comments on articles are not hosted by us on our servers. At the same time, we don’t pre-moderate comments but we allow community moderation. If you find a comment that is inappropriate due to some reason, you can flag it. Right now we can’t attend to complaint about individual comments.

Q9. I think an article published on your website has been plagiarized from somewhere else.

We put some basic trust in our contributors and at the same time we also do some basic check before publishing the article. However, on occasions we might fail. If you find any plagiarism or any other problem with some article, please get in touch with us with all the relevant details and we will act on it.

Q10. You keep telling us to get in touch with you, but how do we do that?

Please write an email to

Q11. My Twitter/Facebook/other social profile link is not working in the Author Box. When the social icon is clicked, it opens a new ‘My Voice’ page.

Please enter full URLs in your user profile so that your social profile links work e.g. instead of writing @xyz in the Twitter field, please write (you MUST add the https:// part too).

Q12. How can I change my profile picture shown in the Author Box?

By default, we use the display picture associated with your account as your profile picture in the author box. If you don’t have any associated picture, you can either register with using the same email address that you used to register with or make changes to your user profile and upload your picture there. We recommend the option of creating a Gravatar account.

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