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Can we make mountain out of molehill with Raghul Gandhi?

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It is being said that the dynast Raghul Gandhi had elevated his stature after his resignation, as usual by his sycophants. But the truth looks different which none wants to look at. The sycophant old guards want to make the image of the dynast great through a new theatrics called ‘sacrifice’ (resignation) to make him martyr who stands high on morale values and principles. Once the image is built for the dynast, he can be brought back to the scene as great leader until then a rubber stamp president can be appointed is the larger thinking of the party.

The script the sycophants have prepared to make the image of the dynast looks childish as they want to portray the resignation of the dynast as president of congress party as great sacrifice to India like the sacrifices of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, then by Sonia Gandhi who due to her inner voice refused to become the prime minister of India and thus the accidental prime minister emerged in the scene from nowhere. Today the same script is being played out i.e., the dynast having agreed to lead the party as its president itself was a sacrifice and now he has taken the complete responsibility for the defeat and have resigned.

The visceral examination and anatomy of congress party indicates the high probability that the old guard (who are un-sellable in India politics) and those who are several generations behind time like Motilal Vora. P Chidembaram, Ahmed Patel etc., have hostage the dynast but are cleverly projecting to the world outside that dynast is their supreme leader. But in reality, the dynast is a caged parrot of the old guards, cannot act against them, cannot go against them and cannot act independently but he is projected and promoted to the world as ultimate leader of the congress party by the master of the caged parrot.

What might be limiting the dynast from being independent and free may be his huge baggage of corruption and scams which the old guards might know the best. Therefore the dynast has no choice but dance to the tunes of the old guards. The old guards also know that they can survive only when they keep the dynast at the centre point. It is like Hermit Crab and Sea Anemone commensalism.

When the image and leadership quality of the dynast had gone beyond repair, naturally the old guards would have thought that they can take over the party and send the dynast to an incognito phase and can spin around a story that the dynast has made ultimate sacrifice to the party, he is so great, owns up accountability, blames none and want to give equal opportunity to everyone in the party to become president of Indian National Congress etc. Once the story or stage managed drama cold be sold well in the political bazaar, the dynast can be brought back as a great leader who is not after power, willing to sacrifice his position etc.

The young leaders in congress party don’t seem to have any future. Those young dynasts have bright future thanks to their father and thanks to the dynastic culture in the party. But for those who do not have any such god father doesn’t seem to have any future because the old guards in the congress party will not give an inch space for anyone else other than own children. The dynast looks like so helpless because the dynast cannot disobey or defy the old guards because they have the key of hell which once they open, the dynast has to get in and cannot escape.  They can spell not one bean but tons of beans about the dynast. 

The political price dynast pays now is purely due to his lack of political maturity, wisdom, leadership quality, temperament and finally any goodness. It looks like the dynast was made to play a joker’s role more to entertain the Indian electorates than to win election. The dynast was made to abuse Narendra Modi, calling him chor etc., which has indeed proved the Moran-ish or imbecilic leadership character of the dynast.

The old guards made the dynast to play the role of an Otter to catch fish from a pond or lake but the Otter cannot swallow the fish because its throat is tied. When the Otter catches a fish, its tail and fins are given as feed by the fisherman. The old guards used the dynast, exposed his impoverish brain, porous politics and stupid temperament and at the same time kept him at the helm of affairs so that the old guards could wield power in the party. Other than the old guards, no one is allowed to enjoy power in the party, allowed to take any decision or can restructure the party.

It looks like the congress party is a caged parrot of the old guards. Even if the parrot is free from the cage, the parrot cannot fly away as its wing bone is surgically broken.

The dynast during the recent parliament election said the karma would follow everyone like the shadow; therefore no one can escape from it. Today the past karma of the dynast and his family are binding the dynast to dance to the tunes of the old guards. Let Indian not make anything great out of the dynast or his resignation. Even if you put stripes or spots with non-washable black ink over a cat, still a cat is a cat and cannot become tiger or leopard. Let us support PM Modi and make India a great land.

S Ranganathan


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