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Fall of Congress Party and Rise of BJP

लास्ट मैनेजिंग एजेंसी- कांग्रेस

2014 के चुनावों के बाद से कांग्रेस का पतन तेजी से हुआ लेकिन इस पतन की शुरुआत बहुत पहले ही 1975 में हो चुकी थी। अब कांग्रेस एक ब्रैंड के रूप में "थकान" अंतिम स्टेज पर है और इसका सबसे बड़ा कारण 1950 के बाद से कांग्रेस की नीतियों में हुए 'शून्य' बदलाव हैं।

Azad is no Kamaraj & Rahul is no Indira

The change of guard in Congress much like late Mughals has never been a sober and smooth affair; be it from Nehru to Indira, Indira to Rajiv or Sita Ram Kesari & PV Narsimha Rao to Sonia Gandhi.

Congress needs “introspection”

The national party must have a dignity, respect, responsibility, accountability to strengthen country.

Lessons for Congress and Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s non-stop anti-government diatribe not only exposes his intellectual level but proves that he hasn’t learnt anything. Yet, Sonia Gandhi has been promoting him above all.

As Jyotiraditya Scindia quits Congress, what’s the way out for the Congress?

The retaining of leaders who have been extremely loyal to the top leadership of the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi family and the sidelining of non-compliant leaders has accentuated the Congress' problems.

‘Prince of Aragon disease’ of congress party

If the party continues to worship and venerate one family and without the family the party may perish, the party would soon end up as party of ‘gentlemen of leisure’.

Modi’s Journey from “Hindi Belt” to a “Hindu State”

Although the BJP has maintained a safe distance from the idea of “Hindu Rashtra” as propounded by Veer Savarkar and repeatedly demanded by RSS, the growing nationalism is, in reality, unifying the Hindus.

From liberal to conscious expenditure; employee mind set to entrepreneur, cause for economic downturn and unemployment

All those who aspire for New India as envisaged by Modi must work tirelessly in the society to create sufficient awareness about the good governance of Modi and how India is transforming as corruption free, nepotism free, merit centric country.

The Dynast with Duryodhana syndrome

The glory and reputation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is growing day by day, expanding in great magnitude and PM Modi is propagating the mission of development, peace, sab ka vikas and corruption free governance.

From social justice sloganeering to caste justice governance of Modi- The rise of new India from scan ridden congress regime

If Modi wins, India wins otherwise we will be gifting our Bharat mata to the hands of those corrupt, dynastic politicians who know nothing but sycophancy and looting. 

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