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Congress needs “introspection”

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We came in the era where another voice raised which endorses the statement, “Congress must be vanished aftermath of independence” and who said this, none other “father_of_nation”, “Bapu”.

This voice is even bigger and intensifier comparatively ever because “Bharatvarsh” never witnessed of 23 top most leaders commenced to being harsh within party. The secular image was always in question and eventually it augmented by allying with ISF and Badruddin and Muslim league as well in north and south both. The classic example doesn’t end here, it goes at Pinnacle with more hypocrite manner when it joined it’s hand with “Shivsena”.

The legitimate asking is, why is INC so desperate to gain that ultimate crown. In democracy where every voice is inevitable, they must prepare a roadmap where we could go from developing to developed state, where we could roar at the global platform and how could Bharatvarsh be विश्वगुरु once again. Table the ideas roll it down and fight to achieve those expectations. Now a days scenario is something like, if a country’s leadership is stronger then whole world would be valuing. In a way, where they need to be unifier they’re trying to be divider, where they need to be protagonist they’re trying to be antagonist, where they need to be vocal for India’s roar they’re shouting virtually it’s failures.

The national party must have a dignity, respect, responsibility, accountability to strengthen country. Be a holistic partner when clock does suggest to celebrate Bharatvarsh’s victory.

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