Sunday, December 4, 2022
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To slightly paraphrase the Washington Post, “Democracy Dies in Darkness, Dumbness and Journalistic Fraud!” – the Rana Ayyub allegations

It is time the media connect the dots, inwardly assess itself, and get quality journalism back to where it belongs! Let’s Make it Happen!

Time for India’s Kohinoor Diamond be returned to the Kakatiya Temple

The Ironic story of a Ghiyasuddin Ghazi, who's ancestors benefitted in the 13th century, and who allowed it's theft in the recent present in the 19th century!

From Satayagraha Gandhi’s non-violent protests to Satyayuga: Time to thank Mahatma Gandhi and create the new leaders of tomorrow

A political family is misusing his "Satyagraha". Orchestrated riots, media amplification! Time for virtual protests. A guide for tomorrow's leaders.

Time to unite Islam and Hinduism and stop the killings

What were people before Mohammed? Wouldn't this change the world order?

From the Tashkent Files to now the Kashmir Files, is it time to question the Kashmiri Pandit Nehru “Iron Lady”? Or more aptly the...

Iron Lady, has lost her luster, from scandals, corruption, fear of appearing "authoritarian" and in reality is the "Ironic Lady."

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