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The BBC attacked India using the bogus “Gujarat Files” as evidence, with funding from Huawei: Views from a former Ofcom Advisor, that got Huawei banned

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As we know, the British and Irish people are not racist, and not anti-Hindu, and are progressive people especially when one looks at the current Prime Minister of England, in Rishi Sunak, who ancestrally is Indian, or if one looks at the neighboring country of Ireland with Leo Varadkar returning as taoiseach, or prime minister, who is also ancestrally Indian, one can see an open, progressive society.

But the BBC has had a history of anti-Indian biases. And now it’s evident that the BBC has been funded by Huawei of China with obvious Communist of China connections with their founder Ren Zhengfei being a former Captain in People Liberation Army of China. We know from our history books, if it weren’t for JFK, India would be Tibet now, and we see a constant attack by China be it in Ladakh, be it an influenza that has gone viral, be it Cyber-espionage attacks that are viral over the internet, and now it’s via “mockumentaries” that’s going viral with an attempt at an “influence-ends a debate”, as a new WMD: a weapon of mass distraction!

Speaking as the ex-Gartner analyst, and Ofcom Advisor, I’m glad I advised the US Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) to ban Huawei in 2012, quoted with then Vice Premier Xi on his lies to Obama, in the WSJ, and described the hacking of Nortel by China as a wakeup call in the Huffington Post and then quoted in the WSJ on “No Way for Huawei”… Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is a major Chinese telecommunications company that has been banned in the US, and many Westernized democracies have banned them for core functions in 5G, including Australia, Japan, UK, and India for their Telecom gear.  Their products range from smartphones to advanced 5G network equipment, and has faced growing criticism from security experts, including myself and governments regarding cybersecurity and espionage risks. 


Cybersecurity experts, intelligence agencies, and political leaders have argued that Huawei’s products, especially if used in 5G networks or associated critical infrastructure, pose significant security risks. A PBX or Telephone Switch can be used for Cyber-espionage, as these switches also perform Lawful Intercept, and can capture call logs (who you are calling), and even the call content (call recording) and other personal information, for legal purposes, but this can also be misused, for Cyber-espionage.

Given Huawei’s theft of IPR that has been documented and adjudicated in the US with their theft of IPR from Cisco Systems, and TMobile, as well as significant evidence directly tying both Huawei and their founder Ren Zhengfei to the CCP and People’s Liberation Army (PLA), of China, Western democracies, have done classified studies on their Espionage activities. In 2013, the former head of the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) Michael Hayden stated that there is tangible classified evidence that Huawei has engaged in CCP-directed Cyber-espionage activities.

Despite what Huawei states, under Chinese law, the CCP could force Huawei to provide customer data or network access upon request. China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law, applies to all private enterprises based in China and their foreign subsidiaries, and can force Chinese entities to provide active support to Chinese intelligence-gathering activities. Despite this fact, Huawei denies this.

In March 2019, Microsoft discovered a piece of software in Huawei’s MateBook laptops that utilized code similar to a leaked NSA hacking tool, which was stolen from the NSA by Russia’s KGB (now called the FSB) using Kaspersky’s software, and shared or stolen between the Communist countries of Russia and China.

Analysts at Microsoft revealed that they found a back door in Huawei laptops that allowed unprivileged users access to all laptop data. NSA’s DoublePulsar, a malware instrument, leaked in early 2017, has been used by hackers in the WannaCry ransomware attack, as an example.

Huawei has consistently denied such claims of backdoor unprivileged access, stating that no such backdoor incident had ever been detected before, even when confronted with evidence to the contrary.

So Huawei funds the BBC for positive spin for themselves, and a hit-job on India!

On Feb. 18th, 2019, the BBC reported on a positive spin regarding Huawei and their founder with attacks on the US in an interview entitled: “The US cannot crush us, says Huawei founder!” The BBC’s Karishma Vaswani, BBC Asia business correspondent – Shenzhen, should be questioned for her objectivity given her location. Why wasn’t the BBC’s funding by Huawei not mentioned in the interview?

The BBC’s attacks on India!

Ever since India’s Independence, the BBC has found it necessary to position India in a negative light as evidenced in their 15 August 2017 BBC 2 Newsnight which held a discussion on the partition, which they created, with unrelenting negativity unleashed on India, and even attacked PM Modi for Hindu Nationalism. They failed to mention that the same India historically has protected Parses, Tibetan Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, and Christians, but the BBC stigmatizes India as intolerant! 

The BBC created Mehdi Hasan who’s anti-India tirade against PM Modi and Hinduism on MSNBC would have made him the perfect disciple of Goebbels, using false narratives, guilt by association using the Hindu Tikka symbol which Goebbels and Hitler stole, to attack India!

Why doesn’t the BBC report on the British-caused Bengal famine of 1943, which killed millions? It’s now concluded that the Bengal Famine was the result of a deliberate policy, designed by the British economist John Maynard Keynes and implemented by Winston Churchill, to shift resources away from the poorest Indians in order to provision British and American troops and support war-related activities. But more on Churchill later as he will recur a few more times here!

The BBC’s coverage on the attacks upon the Leicester Hindus has been described as being “Hinduphobic” with the BBC having an obvious anti-Hindu agenda.

This is the same BBC who rehired a fake “journalist” in 2016, who lied to Princess Diana, in Martin Bashir, who is originally from Pakistan. Why BBC?

Then there’s the BBC Hardtalk’s Stephen Sackur interview of the fraudulent “journalist” Rana Ayyub who’s “Gujarat Files” is the source of the anti-Modi BBC propaganda, where she continued the bogus allegations without question by the BBC interviewer in her false case of harassment in the ‘Jai Shri Ram’ video scam, that went viral, but was totally staged and fake, which she blamed PM Modi for in the interview yet was unquestioned, by the BBC. Why BBC?

As I have previously published, in OpIndia, Rana Ayyub is to be questioned, as found in: “To slightly paraphrase the Washington Post, “Democracy Dies in Darkness, Dumbness and Journalistic Fraud!” – the Rana Ayyub allegations.”

Source: OpIndia

Maybe it’s time the BBC look inwards and question the British Monarchy instead, who are ancestrally German! If they are truly objective and fact-based, and are looking to expose racism, a genocide, and worse, maybe they should look at their own Monarchy!

Proof of Racism within the BBC’s Monarchy!

It’s alleged by Meghan Markle that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and now the Queen Consort to King Charles was behind “ginger afro” remarks about Meghan and Harry’s then unborn child. When Meghan later heard about the alleged remarks, she felt the remarks were “racist,” her book claims. Meghan Markle later told Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 that there were “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.”

We now hear of heated arguments between Harry and the rest of the family with King Charles, Prince William, which doesn’t seem like a simple rift between brothers, and a father, why the venom? Why the alleged racism? Harry and Meghan were stripped of many honorary titles and patronages in February 2021, after they had stepped back as senior royals and left Britain to live in the U.S. These titles included, most notably, the prince’s coveted role as Captain General of the Royal Marines. Also their kids, Archie and Lilibet, will not have ‘His Royal Highness’ (HRH) status titles, which grants them additional security. Why?

What if Meghan Markle has exposed the utter hypocrisy and racism in the monarchy?

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Winston Churchill.

The irony of the Churchill quote is now coming full circle!

Harry’s relative in King Edward VIII was forced to abdicate for marrying a divorced lady: Wallis Simpson.

Wait, didn’t Harry do the same thing? Meghan is a divorced lady too! So is Camilla, why the difference? Oh Camilla is not Black!

In fact, the protestant church is all about the whole concept of a divorce, of which King Edward VIII or then called the Duke was in fact the head of the Church of England. In fact, Wallis Simpson, who became the Duchess, had obtained a preliminary decree of divorce on October 27, 1936.

Was the abdication by King Edward VIII a PR stunt to deflect from King Edward’s Coup Clutz Clan leadership, trying to reinstate himself to power with Nazi Antisemites, and White Supremacists?

Up until World War I, the British royal family’s name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha were clearly of German origins, with the Battenbergs of Germany who became the Mountbattens, a name well known to India. The future King Edward VIII, had strongly embraced German culture, and according to the now-released “Windsor Files,” in October 1937, four months after their marriage — and despite the strenuous objections of the British government- the Duke and Duchess traveled to Germany to possibly improve Anglo-German relations. The couple had afternoon tea with Hitler, and it was clear to most observers that the pair had succumbed to the flattery and lavish treatment given by the Nazis.

The “Windsor Files” included details of a plan codenamed “Operation Willi” which stated that in the summer of 1940, the Duke and Duchess fled Nazi-occupied Paris, within Vichy France, and traveled to neutral Spain and Portugal, where they met with Nazi officials under German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop ordered, where the “Windsor Files” claimed, the Duke and Duchess voiced their displeasure with both the British royal family and Winston Churchill’s government.

Ahhh! Now it comes full circle!

It has been alleged in the “Windsor Files” in exchange for the Duke and Duchess lending their support to the German Nazi war effort, which, if victorious would see the overthrow of King George VI — with Edward put in as a puppet king and with Simpson as his Consort Queen.

Maybe that’s what the Monarchy is trying to hide! Maybe the BBC is hiding it too!

What if the BBC acted like a real journalistic agency and reported on this, instead of attacking India? Maybe they should stop their pro-China agenda and their funding from Huawei and come clean on their agenda!

Would this not change the world order?

Bio: Akshay Sharma is a Computer Engineer, tech analyst, ex-Gartner, having authored 280+ research notes, on emerging technologies like Cybersecurity, 5G, and IoT. He has worked for Canada’s Dept of Defense, advised and deployed solutions with DISA: Defense Information Security Agency, at Nortel and Siemens, and advised various 3-letter agencies in the US. A frequent speaker at tech events, he is often quoted in leading institutions like CNN, Wall St. Journal, and CIO.com. He is a former CTO of one of the first video/WiFi smartphone firms and an entrepreneur in the tech sector, having worked for firms that are now part of leading firms like Intel, IBM, Nokia, and Ericsson.  He advised the UK’s Ofcom, the US’s Dept. of Homeland Security, and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal banning Huawei in 2012, and stated in the Huffington Post, the Chinese hacking of Nortel is a “wakeup call”. Sharma contributed to the Flight Control protocol ARINC 629 Databus used in commercial avionics and military fighter jets for “fly-by-wire” systems, including the newer Boeing 777X. Additionally he is a Cybersecurity analyst, and CTO for Kovair.com with clients like the World Bank, India’s DRDO and US Defense sector clients.

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