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King Nero of Rome versus King Nero – Rahul Gandhi of Congress

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It is mentioned in various writing that the King Nero of Rome was an unwise, unconcerned, and an irresponsible ruler.  Way back in July of 64 AD, the Rome was ravaged by a wild fire for six days, destroying over 70% of the city leaving half of its population homeless, food less… etc. While Rome was burning, its then king Nero was playing fiddle proving his indifference and immaturity to his position.

The recent actions of Rahul Gandhi, the president of congress party surfing his mobile phone while the President of India was addressing the joint session of the parliament and the dynast preventing his mother from clapping for the enormous bravery and dedication shown by our defence force in neutralizing the terror camps in Pakistan as a pre-emptive strike has evoked very disgusting public response about the dynast and his role as president of one of the oldest political parties in India.

The question of King Nero whether played fiddle while Rome was burning is still being debated and many people argue that fiddle as a musical instrument was not available in Rome those days.  Therefore many argue that the story of Nero is fictitious. The point of debate is not about whether Nero played fiddle when Rome was burning, but the King Nero of the congress party – the dynast Rahul Gandhi was indeed engaged in an action which was not appropriate and dignified of a person holding the position of president of congress party. 


If the dynast had avoided attending the address of President of India during the joint session of the parliament, the criticism over the dynast would not have been this severe but having decided to attend and after occupying the front row, surfing his mobile phone when the President of India was praising and thanking our defence force is quite ridiculous.

Today congress party is like how Rome was under fire way back in 64 AD. The congress party has reached this situation not because of its corrupt rule alone but also due to the ineffective and immature Nero being made as the president of the party. Instead of owning the responsibility for the defeat and re-build the party, the Nero of the congress party appears to be further sinking the boat which has already started to sink.

There is no point in blaming the King Nero of congress party. The party must re-look at how it can be resurrected to some level of relevance by excluding Gandhi family. But most of the congress men appears to behave like iron filings and iron dusts that would naturally attract towards a magnet by treating Gandhi family as its magnet.


Attacking PM Modi, his honesty and personal integrity, corruption free governance, development centric vision, several of sab ka vikas initiatives by sitting in the cradle of scams and corruption allegations, sailing with the bail being granted to the dynast by a court in National Herald corruption case, by dividing Hindus through minority appeasement and dividing Lingayat in Karnataka and then attempting to caricature Modiji as divisive force, still the congress party is not learning its lesson. Even the defeat and rejection has not taught any wise lesson to the congress party. Whatever the number of seats the congress party has won this time as well as other tukede tukede gangs if not used responsibly in parliament debate and business, next parliament election, these parties may vanquish from Indian politics.

Need of the hour is that all opposition parties must offer their unconditional support to PM Modi to make India a great land, promote and perpetuate the good governance of PM Modi, engage in positive politics, infuse confidence and understanding among minority communities, all these things the opposition parties must do. But the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs even after such humiliating defeat like to engage in dirty politics than involving in nation building mission of Modi.

Hope that the King Nero of congress party would change and if not, the party should change the Nero and must move away from the dynastic culture to re-create its relevance in Indian politics.


S Ranganathan

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