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Rahul’s reluctance to govern

Without mincing any words, one has to admit that Congress under de-facto leadership of Rahul Gandhi has somehow not been able to provide credible and meaningful opposition in the last 7 years of Modi’s Government.

Book review: Sanghi who never went to a Shakha

The author has tried to put his view of the socio-political scenarios that he had observed before 2014 and after 2014.

Book review- Sanghi who never went to a Shakha

To use a SM phrase currently in vogue, the publishing of this book is sure to be a ‘burnol moment’ for the Liberals.

Modi and an Atmanirbhar Bharat are a match made in heaven

M Modi has had a track record of achieving it in Gujarat. A business-friendly government led by PM Modi combined with a low-corruption regime is the best shot we have got.

Interesting “Tandav” challenges the conventional entertainment in India

Tandav actually challenges the way conventional entertainment has been in India not only for years but for decades now. It's a good story if a right wing student leader is corrupt and greedy but it is not a good story if the left leaning student leader does the same thing.

देश रंगीला

आप एक ऐसे देश में रहते हैं जहां नियम कानून के विषय में सोचना नही। बस अपने अनुसार चलते रहो। खुश रहो और अपने को राजनैतिक दलों का भेड़ मानते हुए बस निष्ठावान बने रहो।

What is the base of my thought process?politics

Connection amongst writing, thinking, reading and seeing.

What do the Bihar elections 2020 exit polls say?

The exit polls are out and it looks pretty clear that Bihar is going to see Tejaswi Yadav become its youngest-ever chief minister at the age of 31. Looking at the way the NDA media representatives reacted to the poll is a clear indication that they knew the results long back. Unlike the left ecosystem, the people who oppose the politics of the Congress or the RJD will not go out crying that the EVMs were hacked or 'the death of democracy' because of this result. Everyone will accept the verdict and will actually work towards getting ahead of it and winning the next election. And that is how a democracy should work.

2020 Presidential Election: A doomsday for democracy in America

Can the country live with unprecedented damage to democracy and divisiveness among people based on their gender, color, origin, political ideologies, etc?

Be correct, not politically correct

Shaming someone else automatically gives you a character certificate. Till the time someone doesn’t shame you.

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