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Indian politics : A path paved with insults and intolerance

Today, the situation of Indian politics is characterised by xenophobic remarks, crude insults, and belittling language, which is quite concerning. It depicts the alarming intolerance that has sneaked into our culture.

Empowering voters to make informed choices beyond partisan affiliations

Voters need access to tools and resources that promote independent thought and well-informed decision-making to confound this issue.

Social Media – A double edged sword

Social media platforms can provide a sense of connection and belonging, making us feel less alone in our struggle, but too much exposure to fabricated and highly curated accounts can make us feel inadequate or even depressed.

Need of rewriting history to make it ‘narrative less’

To better comprehend India now, it is crucial to retain an open mind and continue learning about all facets of the nation's past.

India is rather a ‘salad bowl’ than a ‘melting pot’

India is sometimes portrayed as a "melting pot" in books and conversations because so many diverse civilizations, tribes, and languages live here side by side.

Social Media and Politics: People no longer follow leaders with their hands folded and eyes blindfolded

Gone are the days when people used to follow the leaders with their hands folded and eyes blindfolded - social media has changed the game

The right wingers versus the rest

Right-wing critics of the left have become increasingly vociferous in recent years, and vice versa. This article probes some of the fundamental concerns that separate these two parties.

Medium of instruction in Indian schools

Is English truly so superior that it should supplant local languages all across the world? Lets examine the reasons for and against English as a medium of education in greater depth.

Why we need a Uniform Civil Code in India

Implementing a unified code could also be detrimental rather than beneficial. To promote the welfare of its population, the Indian government must still keep pressing for a unified civil code.

Politicians today exist only for themselves

In a world where politicians exist only for themselves, it can be hard to see what can be done to change the system.

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