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Need of rewriting history to make it ‘narrative less’

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Rewriting history is a hot topic of discussion, particularly when it comes to what happened during colonialism. Some individuals think that in order to truly depict what happened, history must be rewritten, while others think that it is preferable to keep history as it is.

Personally, I think that history has to be rewritten, especially in regards to what happened during colonisation. The history books, which were produced by the colonists do not fully portray what actually occurred, are the source of this. We may make sure that future generations know the real tale of what occurred during colonialism by rewriting history.

It might be challenging to determine which of the various historical accounts about Indians is correct. The history of India as described by the British is substantially different from the history as narrated by the Indians. Additionally, there are several regional histories inside India that could be at odds with one another.

Indian history is currently a topic of dispute and contention. It might be difficult to choose who to believe and what actually transpired in the past. To better comprehend India now, it is crucial to retain an open mind and continue learning about all facets of the nation’s past.

It is no secret that India’s past has been marred by violence. There have been innumerable incidences of violence and prejudice in India. In order to better truly represent the experiences of all Indians, not just those from a segment of the population, several people have asked for a rewriting of Indian history.

Rewriting Indian history is vital for a number of reasons. Priority should be given to recognising the contributions made by all communities to Indian society. And also, altering history can encourage the development of a society that is inclusive and accepting in the future. It is crucial that we recreate Indian history in a way that is accurate and representative of all Indians if we are to move ahead as a country. We can only aspire to build a good future for everyone after that. In reality, our past is rich in diversity, beauty, and culture. If Indian history were to be rewritten, it would appear considerably different from what we now know.

To begin with, the revised history would emphasise the many good facets of Indian history and culture. It would draw attention to the fact that India has a rich cultural legacy and is home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world. The country’s variety, represented by its numerous languages, faiths, and ethnic groupings, would also be highlighted.

Overall, a revised version of Indian history would present this wonderful nation and its people in a more truthful and fair manner. It would portray India in a more favourable light and highlight its advantages rather than disadvantages. We might change the stories that have been taught about our nation and people if we rewrite Indian history. We would have the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings that had developed through time and to tell the truth about what had transpired in the past. Rewriting Indian history will also increase Indians’ pride in their culture and heritage. Additionally, it would help to better comprehend the present and how prior actions have impacted it.

There is no question that Indian history has to be revised. The narrative as it is is biased and fails to capture the genuine variety of India’s past. By rewriting history, we can give those who have been silenced a voice and demonstrate to the outside world the actual depth of Indian culture.

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