Friday, April 12, 2024
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Why did BJP suffer a total rout at Karnataka elections in May 2023- perspective of an outsider

Holding onto voting percents are no consolation, like in the Karnataka elections. Either you win, or you loose. There's no second place in these elections.

The division among Sanatani Hindus today

Common Hindus are raising questions because either they are directly affected by what is happening in Bengal today in the unprecedented post poll violence unleashed on the poor hapless and marginalized Hindus, or indirectly affected because they feel themselves akin to the sufferers on realizing that the Bengali reality will be their own reality in the near future.

Amphan and the indignant clamour of intellectual Bengalis on social media

Suddenly people see resilience and strength in their great leader Ms. Bannerjee irrespective of the fact that she mostly did nothing other than immediately started asking for funds from center and made token tours of a few areas.

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