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The division among Sanatani Hindus today

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Bengal has been burning since May 2nd 2021. After TMC supremo Ms. Mamata Bannerjee was sworn in as Chief Minister of West Bengal, the state in India has been burning. Countless homes has been torched by her supporters, innocent women and young girls have been molested, gang raped and murdered, opposition supporters have been hounded out of their homes by her supporters, and armed jehadi goons, who form a part and parcel of her support base has been roaming villages and small town in Bengal in large groups, armed with melee weapons, baying for the blood of ordinary folks who voted for the opposition. Independent India over the last 70 years hasn’t seen this kind of violence in an election. It reminds people of our forgotten history. Of India under Mughal rule. Of India under British rule which saw the abomination of Direct Action Day when innocent Hindu Citizenry where butchered and raped by roving Jihadi gangs on the streets of Kolkata and Noakhali (currently part of Bangladesh). Barely anyone knows of the continuous genocide of Hindus in their own country for over a 1000 years. But to see this repeated in this age and time is an eye opener for the current populace.

The current Hindus haven’t gone through ‘on the face’ genocidal attacks by desert cults in their living memory, except sporadic incidences in the last century. Hence many young Hindus are justifiably angry that this is happening in the only Hindu majority country in the world with a supposedly Hindu favoring dispensation in power at the Centre. The angry outbursts are finding place in social media, as the mostly left controlled mainstream media maintains a stoic silence on the genocide happening in their own backyard. As it doesn’t conform to their oft repeated narrative that all parties apart from BJP are secular in nature and it’s only BJP which is against maintaining the harmony of the nation. Now, they don’t want to accept that the fabric of the nation state is under threat, and to voice the reality will be to go against their political masters, whose only agenda is to loot the country and sell it to the highest bidder.

However it makes me sad to see the Hindus getting divided and fighting against each other and unwittingly fall victim to the overall sinister agenda to divide Hindus and break up the nation. Some are against Modiji for his apparent inaction in West Bengal against the mass Hindu Genocide happening in West Bengal today, and other die hard BJP fans trolling the former because of the same reason. Incidentally both groups of Bhakts are part of my social media friends, and therefore I have a ring side view of what is happening in the virtual world. In my opinion, majority of us Sanatani Hindus, tend to be overly emotional and unfortunately lack social maturity to give a studied response.

Modi ji is a political leader, albeit the best we have had since independence. He has done great deeds for Indians irrespective of caste, creed or religion, including removal of Article 370, solving the impossible situation in Kashmir, initiated clean India movement, initiated self dependency in production / atmanirbhar, removal regressive acts like triple talaq for women and liberating them from religious tyranny forever, institutionalized DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) which is a game changer for the poor, rural folks and farmers, etc. However he still remains the Prime Minister of the country, and no. 1 representative of not only Hindus but of all Indians. Therefore people do have a right to question him when there is a genuine cause to question (not the hate campaign questions continuously bombarded by the left and Sickular brigade done daily on vested interest).

Common Hindus are raising questions because either they are directly affected by what is happening in Bengal today in the unprecedented post poll violence unleashed on the poor hapless and marginalized Hindus, or indirectly affected because they feel themselves akin to the sufferers on realizing that the Bengali reality will be their own reality in the near future. They don’t want to break India like the anti national bunch of traitors. They are aggrieved and have genuine questions to the Government of India. But yes, it should be raised with decency and logic and not just an emotional outburst. But questioning isn’t hate is something the ill-informed trollers needs to understand.

Remember ‘tarka’ / debate has always been core to Sanatana Dharma. That’s how our faith has evolved over centuries. Hinduism isn’t an Abrahaminic religion where people are expected to be dumb and not question what is told to them, where questioning can mean even a death sentence. Sanatan Dharma is of scientific temperament. Like in any scientific field, every hypothesis can and has to be questioned till it’s proven true. Similarly our Dharma has been distilled over centuries to bring the amrit (purified nectar) of Hindutva to us today.

I will therefore question my PM. and I will remain a Modi Bhakt as well. Because bhakti doesn’t teaches me to be blind, it empowers me to question and strengthen my beliefs.
Jai Bhavani, Jai Shri Ram, Har Har Mahadev.

In West Bengal, freedom of expression and freedom of suppression are the exclusive fundamental rights of TMC workers and supposrters only
Mamata Didi’s gift to her state people

International media won’t prefer to show this!
The treatment that Bengali Hindus get after practicing their basic fundamental right- voting!

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