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Measuring wellness of welfare schemes: A case of M.P.

‘Freebies’ technically are goods and services that recipients receive for free, regardless of how beneficial or detrimental they are. 

Unexpected nightmare for opposition parties- A windfall advantage for BJP

Unexpected nightmare for opposition parties- A windfall advantage for BJP- The “Sengol” and The “Chola Dynasty” Conversations

Amul vs Nandini: The boiling controversy

An overview of the intense controversy between Amul and Nandini in Karnataka

Wrecking the Royals

Removing the Royals proved disastrous for India's collective conscience as they played a major role in society.

Mercy killing, not honor killing

Dozens of Sikh women jumped into a well and performed Jauhar; in other words, they committed suicide. Here is why and when.

How red voracity will be used and thrown in West: The Communism of errors

The red revolution which fought against the dynasties and dictatorship now has the same visage. 

Dr Ambedkar’s 22 pledges of Buddhism: Some of them seem unnecessary and insensitive

On 5th October Delhi Cabinet Minister of Social Welfare, SC, ST and Gurudwara Election, Rajendra Pal Gautam attended a conversion event in the National capital where around 10000 people converted to Buddhism.

Kejriwal misleads farmers of Gujarat on MSP: RTI reveals the truth

Arvind Kejriwal tries to deceive the farmers of Gujarat by promising that the Aam Aadmi Party government will give Minimum Support Price (MSP) on five crops in Gujarat like they've given the same to farmers of Punjab and Delhi.

Congress claims its President elections are ‘democratic in nature’: Are they and will Congress repeat history

Democracy means the government of the people, for the people, and by the people and one of its primary aims is the respect of individuals and idolising of none

Election Freebies: Drawbacks and why we must fight it

Freebies are not a new concept; rather, it is inveterated in Indian politics as a way of life (in the name of socialism).

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