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I, Rahul Kumar Jha, currently working at Ministry of Defence as an Auditor. I am from Bihar. I write on various issues.

Dr Ambedkar’s 22 pledges of Buddhism: Some of them seem unnecessary and insensitive

On 5th October Delhi Cabinet Minister of Social Welfare, SC, ST and Gurudwara Election, Rajendra Pal Gautam attended a conversion event in the National capital where around 10000 people converted to Buddhism.

CAA, NJAC & Farm Laws; India needs to introduce referendum system for making big reforms

Referendum can act as a channel between protestors, Government and people of India. It will also help in stopping a precedent that if a no of people sit on road; it will ultimately bring down the government to accept their demand.

Why every non-violent protest shouldn’t be supported in guise of spirit of Democracy; Demands need to be scrutinize without any bias

When a non-violent protest happens, people see it as a tenet of democracy and no matter how illogical and irrational demands are, they become fearful that if they speak against it, they would be speaking against the spirit of democracy itself.

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