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Welcome to MyVoice – your voice given an audience by OpIndia

Introduction to MyVoice - the user generated and community driven chapter of OpIndia. Get your articles published on the main English or Hindi websites of OpIndia by submitting them on MyVoice platform.

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OpIndia Staff
Staff reporter at OpIndia

OpIndia was launched with a view to give alternative points of views and opinions a space and audience, something that the mainstream media of India not only denies but actively suppresses. The idea was to break away from the usual left-leaning narrative that dominates the opinion pieces of various publications.

With some immodesty, we can claim that we have been able to make a mark and some impact in a world dominated by the big media and celebrity journalists.

Many of our articles, which gave a counter to the usual views aired by the mainstream media, have gone viral over the last year, while our documentation of “Media Lies” is a great repository that exposes the problems with the mainstream media. Also check our Fact-Check section.

This phenomenon inspired many people to approach us with their own articles where they countered the opinions and narrative being offered in the mainstream media. We published many such articles on, however they were just a fraction of submissions we were getting.

We did not put every submission as sometimes we didn’t agree with the tone, sometimes with the argument, and sometimes because our publication schedule didn’t allow it.

Trust us, we felt equally bad not publishing your articles as you might have felt over OpIndia not giving you an opportunity to speak your mind.

To solve this problem, we have come up with “MyVoice” – a user generated and community driven chapter of OpIndia

We don’t promise to publish everything – please refer to the guidelines here – but we promise to give most of you a space to have your say. We may not entirely agree with you, but we will let the readers decide about your arguments and opinions.

Please note that even if you want your articles to be published on the main website, you have to submit them over here at “MyVoice” only. Our editorial team will routinely pick some articles that fit our requirements and publish those on main website.

You need to register at OpIndia network with a valid email address and you will get a platform to air your views. Please read this on details about how to submit your articles for review. Do also check these frequently asked questions.

So speak up, we’re listening!

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OpIndia is not rich like the mainstream media. Even a small contribution by you will help us keep running. Consider making a voluntary payment.

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OpIndia Staff
Staff reporter at OpIndia

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