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Has Amethi fallen?

This time Indian electorate might witness the fall of Nehru dynasty across Amethi against an ordinary filimiwala as like defeat of Ajit Singh in Baghpat during 2014

Why social scientists make bad Prime Ministers

India is perhaps the only country that has experimented with a Social Scientist at its political helm for a decade. The results was a complete breakdown of political morality as Dr Singh sat atop a humungous mountain of financial indiscipline and corruption.

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Is Punjab swaying with Congress wave?

The political parties demonstrate swiftness in giving the ticket to the actors as they carry a large number of fan-following. The crowd easily gathers in their public meeting. In view of such condition, the film actors do not hesitate in fighting the general elections.

West Bengal: Way forward for Election Commission

Any discerning observer of Bengal knows that the state is marked by a political culture of extreme intolerance against opposition political parties and a generally poor law and order situation. Hence, EC’s approach to tackle the situation seems too casual.

The real danger to Indian democracy

The opposition crying wolf that democracy is in danger may actually come true in 2024, but not because of Modi as they say, but because of lack of a credible opposition, which is themselves.

जनता की अदालत में फैसला अभी बाकी है

भले ही चुनाव आयोग अपनी सीमित शक्तियों की दुहाई देकर निष्पक्ष और आदर्श चुनाव कराने में अपनी बेबसी जाता रहा हो लेकिन अपनी मौजूदा शक्तियों के दायरे में भी वो राजनेताओं को अपना आचरण बदलने के लिए मजबूर कर सकता है।

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