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Rangam Trivedi

An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal

Under your leadership, Delhi's pass percentage in class 10 CBSE results has witnessed a steep decline from 98.19% in 2021 to 86.55% in 2022.

No journalist from Gujarat met Arvind Kejriwal: RTI Reveals Kejriwal’s lie on Twitter

In an RTI reply clears that Arvind Kejriwal's bubble of lies has been busted and his portrayal of Delhi's education and health model is nothing but a mirage which ends with lies.

Ruined in 67 years, revamped in 7 years

Seeing these facts and figures of educational infrastructure in India, one can see the ruined educational infrastructure due to neglected governance for 67 years has been revamped like never before in just 7 years.

On 31st August, India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive stood incredibly actionable and accurate

By not only completing our target but also making it better, we have not just given a staunch reply to only CNN but also stated that India is no longer a country with poor rural infrastructure and inadequate health system.

What India taught the world during Covid-19?

When the world was stupefied due to the Global Pandemic Covid-19 and the best of global health infrastructure failed, it was New India with the 'mantra' of 'Sarve Santu Niramayaha' (May All Be Healthy) that helped the struggling world to fight against Covid-19

Ignition, Ideation & Innovation in PM Narendra Modi’s 68th Mann Ki Baat

Hon'ble Prime Minister in his talk, mainly focused on igniting the youth, entrepreneurs & people of India to ideate and innovate in the way forward in making Atmanirbhat Bharat.

Courage, Collectivity and Career in PM Narendra Modi’s 67th episode of Mann Ki Baat

TOday, in its 67th episode of Mann ki baat, Hon'ble Prime Minister talked about courage, collectivity and career as its fulcrum. It informed the world about the courage that our army possess.

Modi Sarkar 2.0 on new India’s pathway

The Modi Sarkar 2.0 is a blend of experience, performance and diligence consisting 58 Ministers of which 24 are cabinet ministers, 24 are ministers of state and 9 as MOS.

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