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Courage, Collectivity and Career in PM Narendra Modi’s 67th episode of Mann Ki Baat

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AIR, as a medium reaches 99.19% of the country geographically and over 92% demographically and so does Mann Ki Baat reaches to longitudes and latitudes of the country on the last Sunday of every month since it first episode on 3rd October 2014 to its 67th episode today on 26th July 2020 in reflects Hon’ble Prime Minister’s commitment of transparency in governance as well as a dialogue based democracy. Mann Ki Baat is one of its kind addresses by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi enlightening country about the unheard, unsung & undiscovered in each episode.

Amplifying the thoughts in ‘Mann‘ (Mind) of ‘Jan‘ (People of India) Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 67th episode of his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ today, 26th July 2020 marking the courageous occasion of 21st anniversary of ‘Kargil Vijay Divas’. Remembering the indomitable spirit and variant courage of our brave soldiers who fought for the motherland in tough terrains, he said, “The hardihood of our soldiers were higher than the heights of mountains which made us victorious when Pakistan planned this conspiracy against India in spite of India’s friendly approach then”. Quoting the verse by Goswami Sant Kavi Tulsidas from Uttarkanda of Ramcharitmanasबयरु अकारन सब काहू सों। जो कर हित अनहित ताहू सों’ which means the nature of evil is hostility and the people who possess this kind of nature always things to damage of those involved in good deeds, he compared the situation of how Pakistan backstabbed India’s friendly approach and later on how bravely the Indian forces gave a befitting response which the world witnessed.

Prime Minister also recalled those precious moments of his life back in 1999 when he visited the ground zero while the Kargil war was going on and closely witnessed the courage of our soldiers. He further recalled how then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee appealed the citizens referring the earlier appeal of Mahatma Gandhi, Atal ji then said that, “Kargil war has given us another mantra that appealed the citizens to think of before taking any step that will it satisfy the sacrifice of those soldiers who fought in tough terrains for us!” Referring to Atal ji’s appeal PM said that, “we all should take care that our works and words always increase the morale of our security forces. He also talked about the #CourageInKargil trend on social media and urged the citizens to share the courageous stories of brave soldiers as well as their great mothers who inculcated bravery in their sons. Concluding his remarks on Kargil Vijay Divas he also appealed the citizens to visit

Quoting the India’s idea of ‘Sanghe Shakti Kalauyuge‘ which means unity is the greatest strength in Kaliyuga he said that, “Since past few months, our country is unitedly fighting against Coronavirus which has proved all the assumptions wrong. Due to our collective efforts in this fight, fortunately we have one of the highest recovery rates while we also have one of the lowest death rate among the other world countries. He once again urged the people to follow social distancing, use face masks, washing hands at equal intervals.” He further added that, “whenever we feel uncomfort due to facemasks, we should think about how our doctors and corona warriors are dealing with the situation, that will inspire us as a citizen to practice these safety measures against Covid-19.” He concluded his remarks on India’s fight against Covid-19 by conveying that, “On one hand we have to take adequate measure to protect ourselves from Coronavirus and on other hand, we have to reach to new heights in our professional careers (education, business or jobs).

Prime Minister also shared the inspiring work of Smt. Balbir Kaur, A lady Sarpanch from Trewa village of jammu who has set up a 30 bed quarantine centre in her gram panchayat ensuring proper facilities for villagers and she also sanitizes the panchayat premises, village and nearby areas by herself along with her volunteers. He also informed about another Kashmiri women Sarpanch Jaituna Begum from Choutliwal in Ganderbal who ensured that along with safety from Coronavirus her villagers should also get employment opportunities and so she distributed free face masks, ration kits as well as distributed seeds and apple saplings. PM also highlighted the works of Municipal President from Anantnag Shri Mohammed Iqbal who made a sprayer machine for sanitisation in town with his own efforts in just INR 50,000. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also talked about his principle of turning obstacles into opportunities relating it to how our youth and women are making face masks with Madhubani art which along with conversation of the heritage is also empowering women through self help groups.

Connecting the festival of Rakshabandhan with ‘Vocal For Local’ mission, he said that the, “joy of festival is more when people around us also celebrate it jously.” which was a message to the people to buy the Indian made Rakhis. Talking about the National Handloom Day on 7th August, he gave a message for encouraging handloom and be vocal for it globally.

Prime Minister during his Mann Ki Baat also interacted with some talented boys and girls from different corners of the country who have performed the best making their way inspite of difficulties and overcoming the challenges. He talked with Ms. Krutika Nandal from Panipat in Haryana, Mr. Vinakayaka from Ernakulam from Kerala, Usman Saifi from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh and Ms. Kanika from Namakkal in Tamil Nadu. Congratulating the students from their outstanding performance in board examinations, he also interacted with them to know their interest, inspiration, hobbies as well as futuristic vision and wished them for success in their careers. This interaction with Prime Minister would surely act as a catalyst in the lives of those students and boost them up with confidence to accomplish their goals in future and contribute to the country in the years to come.

Today’s Mann Ki Baat had courage, collectivity and career as its fulcrum. It informed the world about the courage that our army possess. when our army is on the forefront on the Indo-Sino border, this words from the Prime Minister boosts up the morale of the soldiers as well as gives out a strong message to China. Talking about the exemplary works done on the grassroots in fight against Coronavirus encourages all of us to fight against Covid-19 on one hand and also excel in our professions on other hand collectively as it is our greatest strength. Interaction with talented students who recently passed board exams gave out an inspirational message for the future batch of students to excel in studies along with hobbies and interests in sports. Each episode of Mann Ki Baat fills us with more confidence and recharges us to contribute with more commitment in the upcoming month.

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