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Muslims in Leicester attempts at face-saving, but the wolf emerges from the sheep skin

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“Dirty Little Animals,” a video tweeted by Waisq Wasiq, shows Pakistani-origin Muslims in Birmingham threatening Hindus with attacks in the future while perpetuating the false narrative that Hindutva is hostile to Muslims, trying to undermine their goal of establishing an Islamic world.

In another video, an ardent Islamist can be heard saying that “your mother will regret giving birth to you” and threatening to kill Hindus.

This is not a novel concept. Hindus have been persecuted all over the world because they support Hindu nationalism, most recently in Leicester. Islamists have a quality that acts as an impetus when something that is opposed to their cult is present nearby. It becomes active, and they start acting hostile and vindictive toward those who are submissive and meek.

Muhammad exhibited similar characteristics during his Macca campaign. 

Muhammad, the final prophet of Allah, slaughtered the Quraysh tribe, taking the women and even younger children as slaves, and then beheaded 700 men from the Banu Quraysh, displaying no remorse. This is one of the earliest depictions of Islamic brutality.

To understand what occurs inside a Muslim mind, recent events that took place this week in Leicester shouldn’t be all that surprising. 

After three days of chaos brought on by Islamists, they have now begun to spread untrue rumours to cover up their shameful acts. 

The Hindu diaspora in the UK is being pressured to renounce their fate or face harsh consequences by Islamists, who have once again targeted the RSS and BJP. Some Islamists have even made implied death threats for the people still adhereing to their fate.The UK police have taken note of the incidents and are now heckling the Hindu community rather than pursuing the radical Muslims who instigated this act of hostility against the more submissive Hindus. 

One of the most auspicious festivals in India, Navratri, is about to begin, but instead of doing their job by apprehending the islamist offenders, the police are attempting to stop the celebrations while pretending to be protecting people and upholding the law.

When the cabal of leftists and Islamists held the “Conference on Dismantling Hindutva” last year, it was immediately obvious that the Hindu diaspora would be the target of hateful, discriminatory attacks from the ummah. 

Islamists are now on the streets in western cities with the intention of destroying Hinduism, as evidenced by the recent attacks on Hindus in the UK.

Hindutva has gained significant ground since 2014 not only in Indian politics and society, but also internationally as a means of Hindu resistance to Pan-Islamism and growing Hindumisia.The Hindu diaspora in the west has always been a very quiet, subservient minority that has never made a political statement. 

Hindus made contributions to the local economies through their intelligence and financial might, in contrast to the Muslim diaspora, which was notorious for inciting violence against the locals.The Hindu diaspora even continued to be ignorant of the prejudice and mockery of Hindu culture and identity in western academia by leftists, where Hinduism is simply seen as a group of many castes and not even considered a religious identity. 

Hindus have remained submissive in part because of the leftist system in place today and its bias against Islamists, which has influenced Hindu thought to the point where they now demonise their own saviours.

After the attacks in Leicester, a leftist will ask Hindus to apologise for their existence and for standing in the way of their plans to wreak havoc on the world. Additionally, they will demand the death of Hindus in order for these radical Islamists to restore the world to 610 AD.

India, the country with the largest Hindu population in the world, has never taken the initiative to defend Hindus. 

To their surprise, Arab and GCC countries have gone to great lengths to defend even the most extreme oppressive organisations. The sky book explains why this is so. Muslims are unified by the idea of ummah, whereas Hindus and other people are quite segregated.This is due to leftists who believe it’s cool to rebel against an ancient civilization. They think that because Sanatan is so old, it’s just a way to limit them in some way. But to their surprise, it’s the very thing making them look bad. 

Sanatan is similar to a mother. 

No matter how hard you strike her or how much blood is shed, She will always defend you even if it means sacrificing her life when the chants of Labaik ya Rasool Allah come your way to behead you.

India has been experiencing a civilizational awakening since 2014, when the shackles of Christian and Muslim colonisation began to fall off with the rise of the BJP and Modi. From Kashmir’s full integration to the construction of the Ram Mandir, however, this has infuriated many Muslims around the world. The reason for this is that Modi and the RSS are seen as a symbol to thwart Islam’s plan to rule the world by engulfing it in the isis idealogy.

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