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नव संवत्सर चैत्र शुक्ल प्रतिपदा- प्रकृति के उल्लास का पर्व

चैत्र मास का वैदिक नाम मधु मास है अर्थात आनंद से परिपूर्ण मास क्योंकि इसी मास में समस्त वनस्पति एवं सृष्टि प्रस्फुटित होती है चारों तरफ कोयल की स्वर लहरी होती है यह पवित्र दिन इसलिए भी पूजनीय है क्योंकि लंका विजय के पश्चात प्रभु श्री राम के अयोध्या वापस आने के बाद इसी दिन उनका राज्याभिषेक हुआ था सिखों के द्वितीय गुरु श्री अंगद देव जी का भी प्रकट उत्सव है।

Riot and intelligentsia of India

The response to a riot is messed up in our country. The Indic Wing have a bigger responsibility.

Can Hindus unite?

In the present context it is highly important to unite the Hindus in the country. Continuous attack by leftists has caused a great sense of division among people. If it is not fixed then it is very easy to dismantle Hindu society.

The saint who addressed UN Millenium Summit

Shri Maharaj Ji is a renowned name in the international and national circuits. He is the core founder of the VatsalyaGram, the well-known concept of its kind.

Court directs FIR on Twitter India and CEO Jack Dorsey

Bangalore Police have registered an FIR on Twitter India Officials including Jack Dorsey this is with regards to a blasphemes posts on twitter insulting Hindu god's and goddess.

हिन्दू विरोधी वैचारिक प्रपंच, शब्दों का भ्रम (भाग-१)

धर्म शब्द को जिस प्रकार अनुचित अनर्थकारी व्याख्या के साथ प्रचलित किया गया है। इससे अधिक विनाशकारी आघात हिन्दू समाज को संभवतः ही किसी और शब्द से हुआ हो।

Hinduism: Why non-Hindus can’t comprehend

Hinduism is a complex, inclusive, liberal, tolerant, open and multi-faceted socio-spiritual system of India called “Dharma”. Due to its innumerable divergences, Hinduism has no concept of ‘Apostasy’.

Joshua Project and the need for an anti-conversion law

The precise planning, the in-depth study of various ethnic groups, the economics of these people, and their belief system by Christian missionaries is a thing to worry about.

Light- A spiritual view

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad contains a well-known verse that talks about "going from darkness to light" to attain immortal bliss. Yet, realising the light in what you believe is in your own hands.

Analysis of propaganda and disinformation against Hinduism in India

Propaganda and disinformation have become a part of the modern world. Every day we wake up to see thousands of fake news, social media posts, and videos related to propaganda. Religious or political affiliation is an indicator of the majority of the propaganda.

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