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Seeding Islam in Hindu wombs

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“I’m not afraid of Muslims, I’m not afraid of Britishers, I’m afraid of Hindus against Hinduism”—Veer Savarkar



The controversial affair critically impacting all and sundry is the big question of conversion and is largely performed by the Muslim community. The contention today is not concerned with the proselytization but with the mammoth dubiety of the upbringing of Hindu children and the secularism, that is profoundly embedded in the hearts and minds of every Hindu.

A careful analysis of a large number of Love Jihad cases reveals that ordinarily, the Muslim male partner personates as a Hindu man, who performs Hindu rituals, visits a temple, wears a kalava and/or a rudraksha, and has a Hindu name with a clandestine Muslim identity.

In another type of case, the man sooner or later reveals his Muslim identity on the pretext that he is unlike other Muslims and does not believe in conversion. The usual trend thereafter is the sanctimonious ceremony of marriage in which the female partner who is in most cases a Hindu girl is treated with cruelty by not just the man but also his family and allies. In the majority of these reported cases, the culprits are vehemently backed up by the political biggies.

So the question that pops up in all of our minds is, where is the lacunae?

The answer chiefly relies on the poor upbringing of the Hindu children by their secular or atheist parents who often fall prey to the provoking questions of the missionaries. The substandard information and lack of reasoned rituals along with a deficiency in communicating the richness and the beautification of Hinduism led to massive conversion.


The lesser-known term amongst Muslims which plays a vital role is—Da’wah, i.e. the process of calling people to Allah by the Daee by way of persuasion and establishment of the superiority of Islam. This means that the sole motive of a righteous Muslim is to perform Da’wah i.e. to preach Islam amongst the non-Muslims and convert them or else they shall be punished in the hellfire.

This term has been used more than a hundred times in the Quran and multiple times in other Islamic literati. Thus, it is the only permissible relationship between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. This is delicately executed under the façade of love where the ill-informed and ignorant Hindu girls are targeted and converted. The quandary thus lies in the concealment of the motive and/or identity which causes the grievance.

Islamic Law

According to the Sharia Law, marriage between a non-Muslim girl and a Muslim boy is only valid and acceptable when the girl not only renounces her religion but also converts to Islam with all diligence; whereas vice versa is a sin. A strong nexus is laid down for this to be a successful event. It has been observed that in the majority of the cases, victim is even denied help by police officers and law officials.

According to ‘Sahih‘ which is the most reliable source of collections of Sunnahs of the Prophet, a marriage shall be valid only with a believer and not an idolator. Therefore, to make an idolator a believer and perform Da’wah, the entire nexus is laid down elaborately. The traps are tailor-made for the targeted victim.

Surah 2 Al-Baqarah, Ayat

Verbatim, (2:221) “Marry not the women who associate others with Allah in His Divinity until they believe; for a believing slave-girl is better than a (free, respectable) woman who associates others with Allah in His Divinity, even though she might please you. Likewise, do not give your women in marriage to men who associate others with Allah in His Divinity until they believe; for a believing slave is better than a (free, respectable) man who associates others with Allah in His Divinity, even though he might please you. Such people call you towards the Fire, and Allah calls you, by His leave, towards Paradise and forgiveness; and He makes His injunctions clear to people so that they may take heed[1]”.

Verbatim, Surah An-Nisa 4:48 propounds about the sin of idolatry i.e. “Indeed, Allah does not forgive associating others with Him in worship, but forgives anything else of whoever He wills. And whoever associates others with Allah has indeed committed a grave sin.[2]

Growth of Islam in India

The partition of 1947, clearly demarcated and formed two nations based on religion, yet Muslims were shamelessly allowed to not only reside in India but also grow in number. Today, the Muslim population in India is the third largest in the world even though India is not a Muslim country. The prime reason for the growth of this religion in India apart from polygamy is conversion.

Interfaith marriages in Islam are one of the four chief reasons for the growth. Even though the growth rate of the Muslim population has shrunk yet it has the highest fertility rate. According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2019-21, the fertility rate of Muslims stands at 2.36, whereas that of Hindus stands slightly less at 1.94[3].

In the year 1990, a local newspaper named—Aftab published a press release by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen asking the Kashmiri Pandits to flee away from the valley[4]. The only slogans enveloping the atmosphere of the valley were—’Ralib, Galib, Chalib’ which translates to ‘convert, die or leave’ which highlights the gravity of the consequences of choosing one’s religion in one’s land.

Promotion of Islam by the Hindus

A scrutiny of the trends and the widespread influence of fabricated secularism in the Indian constitution gives a clear picture of how the Hindus are themselves responsible for their genocide and forced conversions. The fruit of secularism is not as sweet as it may sound to an uninformed person. The faulty nurturing of a child by the parents or the guardian concerned have direct ramifications in spreading a web of conversion and breeding Islam in the wombs of Hindu women.

Marriage in Islam is a contract and the sole purpose served by the Hindu women once converted is to multiply Islam. Conversion comes along with not just a change in religion for the law’s sake but with manifold misdemeanours like repeated rape, the drain of finances, muffled right of voice and freedom, etc.  

Islam is the official religion in approximately 26 countries in the world with not a single nation claiming Hinduism as its official religion. The majority of Hindus reside in ‘India’ which is a blanket term and shelter to all the religions of the world.

India shares a long and unprotected border (i.e. unfenced or characterized by rivers) of 4096 km with Bangladesh making the detection of the infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims in the Indian Territory in West Bengal nearly impossible. These infiltrated Muslims then begin to serve as a large vote bank for the anti-nationalist parties and breeding machines of Islam. According to studies, many Muslims in India are prone to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The situation today is that India has Italian political biggies, Bangladeshi voters, slogans of the longevity of Pakistan along with the unfurling of the Pakistani flag, demand for Ghazwa-e-Hind, and depletion of resources.

Reciprocating the situation

The only foreseeable solution to the hefty problem of forced conversions and inculcation of animosity for one’s religion by both Muslim men and women in the camouflage of love, friendship, secularism, and brotherhood and uprooting the menace is the flood of informed, religious and wise Hindu Children and parents. Providing plenty of information about Hinduism alone is not sufficient but what is also required is the detailed study of Islamic literature.

It is equally important to have a comprehensive knowledge of the historical events, the devastation of Hindu architecture, and the genocide of Hindus. The bogus Gandhian policy of non-violence no longer serves end to the menace of conversion.

The present debates and discussion surrounding the Uniform Civil Code as mentioned under Article 44 of the Indian Constitution may prove to be a major relief by providing uniform or common laws for all the citizens and terminating the privileges enjoyed by certain larger sections of the country.

It is also pertinent that before terming anything and everything under the umbrella term of ‘propaganda’ one undergoes detailed research of the matter at hand.

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