Saturday, May 8, 2021


The BJP has to be watchful of Mamata’s recalibrated secularism

Mamata is a died-in-the-wool secularist, as the definition of “secularism” in India is: appeasing minorities.

A nation without character- An insight into mindset of Indians

From being oldest civilisation which had shown path to entire world to new heights of immorality

Criminalization of Indian Australians- A too little surprise

From coolie diaspora to contemporary Indian diaspora, multicultural Australia is still under the shadow of White supremacy.

बंगाल में भाजपा की नैतिक जीत

अगर भाजपा 3 सीट से 76 सीट पर पहुँचती है, तो क्या उसकी नैतिक जीत नहीं कही जा सकती है? क्या मोदी शाह की जोड़ी को सफल नहीं कहा जा सकता है।

West Bengal election 2021: ‘Bengali sub-nationalism’ akin to ‘Bangladishi nationalism’

Results of West Bengal election 2021 clarify that majority of Bengali Hindus of West Bengal are victims of fraudulent ‘Bengali sub-nationalism’ which is akin to ‘Bangladishi nationalism’.

Another malicious attempt at maligning our defense forces in the guise of fiction and creative freedom

Dear Sachin and Siddharth, are you inspired to tell a story or just wanted to malign the defense forces of the country via your humbug piece- Kathmandu Connection?

Let’s talk communal politics

The Central Government has long been accused of communal politics. Elections in West Bengal witnessed massive boulders of dissatisfaction rolling down regards this stratagem.

बनते रहो चारा, निभाते रहो भाई चारा

राजनैतिक दलों ने सत्ता प्राप्ति के लिए सार्थक काम करने के स्थान पर मुस्लिम तुष्टिकरण को बढ़ावा दिया क्योंकि वो चुनाव जीतने का आसान रास्ता था।

India Shall RISE

The conspiracy of the western world to arrest the growth of India is clear in many fronts, and this is one easy way to adopt.

Dear eminents of the country, can we please ask to shut your filthy mouth up?

The unelected eminences of India have come to a conclusion that they are the government and this undue inteference has become a major problem. Atleast while the various governments are doing their job, the eminences must alteast Shut the F*@k up.

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