Thursday, October 21, 2021


Dutch students face neglect as the Pro-Education second-largest Party in the parliament roll-out red carpet for asylum-seekers

The Dutch government is adding hundreds of houses for asylum seekers on a war footing. Students in the Free University (VU) of Amsterdam protested against the housing shortage on 23 Sept but the government took no concrete action so far.

Why Hindus are being killed in Bangladesh

Following the death of Muhammad, early Islamic kingdom went through three major civil wars to address the restlessness of violent power struggle. The Islam we see today got crystallized during late seventh to tenth centuries.

The design behind this phenomenon gets aptly described by the term Marxists’ ‘Marks Jihad’

The term ‘Marks Jihad’ is harsh as it has been in use in the past to fan up emotions but it aptly describes this phenomenon with probably the communists behind the conspiracy this time.

Are American Universities sponsoring a new type of racism?

DGH stated that (all)Brahmins are violent proponents of casteism. This is blatant racism. It is not clear why 45+ American universities are sponsoring such a conference without supervision. Audrey Truschke's claim that Love-Jihad is a myth but her argument is weak considering her given example has nothing to do with a love relationship.

Godse is loved by many Indians, here is why

if Godse was a terrorist, so were Khudiram Basu, Binoy Basu, Surya Sen, Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad et al. While the later violently fought against British colonialism, the former killed the perpetrator of self-loathing, apologist, timid and passive Hindu Indian psyche.

Calling out Pak’s nuclear bluff and the Chinese war bogey: Modi Govt’s two most significant, yet most underplayed, geo-strategic achievements

Though underplayed, this is a huge geo strategic shift in Sino Indian relationship and will have an important role in how the relationship plays out in the coming decades between the two emerging world powers.

Savarkar: How the left tarnishes him

From inaugurating the Patita Pavana Mandir at Ratnagiri to being an active Hindutva leader who'd unify the Hindus and ask them to rise above their castes — Savarkar was everything.

A transformed India: Why?

India under Modi’s leadership is not only transforming economic reforms but has attained her due place and prestige being equal among the nations. No wonder that India’s reforms are leading the world to transform.

Hum nahin ‘Dekhenge’!

Indian Madrasa students do not sing the country’s national anthem for being against the Islamic belief and this stupid bunch of liar Hindu Communists sings ‘Hum Dekhenge’? No, we will not allow you to sing this Islamic song under any situation.

Sayema Bi’s propaganda Jihad and why Kanyadaan is not Kanya Daan

Islamists die to justify violent terms like Kafir and Jihad while Hindus on the other hand, are ashamed of their beautiful age old rituals.

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