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‘Their’ Feminism is limited; ‘ours’ is not!

Bharat has always offered women equal and at times superior opportunities, be it the archery division of army in Chanakya’s time, performing a yagna, conferring degrees like Ganini, Mahattara,etc; or mastering the 64 Kalas that was a must for a woman that included art of solving riddles, mechanics, knowledge of foreign languages, etc.

Secrets of Sinauli demolishes the despicable Aryan Invasion theory peddled by the British and woke Indian historians

The discoveries made at Sinauli have ultimately for once and for all demolished all those claims and landed a resounding slap on the faces of all those who have been preaching such an outrageous and demeaning theory of the genesis of the oldest civilization in the history of mankind.

समय एवं समाज की चेतना को झंकृत करने वाले- छत्रपति शिवाजी

शिवाजी का उदय केवल एक व्यक्ति का उदय मात्र नहीं था, बल्कि वह जातियों के उत्साह और पुरुषार्थ का उदय था, गौरव और स्वाभिमान का उदय था, स्वराज, सुराज, स्वधर्म व सुशासन का उदय था और इन सबसे अधिक वह आदर्श राजा के जीवंत और मूर्त्तिमान प्रेरणा-पुरुष का उदय था।

The malaise that is ailing our country

If 1000 years of invasions, loot, plunder and occupations could not kill the humanity of this great nation, can one person sitting in the chair of the Prime Minister kill it? Are we as a nation so bereft of morality?

Siddharth, India hasn’t changed. You have.

There is so much dishonesty in Siddharth claiming that he never used to be trolled but he has been viciously abused only since 2014. Sid may genuinely be deluding himself that the climate was awesome back then. But it barely was.

Hindu Bengalis of east Pakistan and Bangladesh: A persecuted & forgotten community

Blinded by secularism, some refugees like Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya even publicly ate beef in Kolkata during 2015 to express solidarity with Muslims of India. But at what cost they have been doing so?

यह पाखंड बंद करो मोमिनों-बुर्कापरस्तों! प्रभु श्रीराम भी हमारे और माँ दुर्गा भी हमारीं!

शुतुरमुर्गी सोच आत्मघाती होगी, आँखें खोलकर देखिए आपके आस-पड़ोस में रोज एक 'रिंकु' मारा जा रहा है, रोज एक 'निकिता' तबाह की जा रही है, रोज एक 'नारंग' 'ध्रुव तिवारी' इनकी जिहादी-ज़ुनूनी-मज़हबी हिंसा का शिकार हो रहा है।

The new farm laws –Tools to empower farmers directly

The law aims at promoting and facilitating free trade in agriculture. Farmer can sell the produce any where all over country.

Secrets of India-China dis-engagement at LAC

What is happening with China India at border: Read here.

Busting the myths and fake news regarding Contract Farming

There're two sides. On one side are the people like these who do not want any kind of reforms and want to keep the "policy paralysis" state as is, on the other side are the people like us, who want reforms and were fad up of the "policy paralysis" state and don't what it any more.

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