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How do Abduls set narrative of India?

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(Edited and translated version of the Hindi post of ‘Ex-Muslim Bharat’)

One Indian Abdul had the habit of making railway journeys without tickets. Fortunately, he was never caught and so his courage kept on increasing. Then he started occupying anybody’s seat in the train forcefully. If a protest was made, he manhandled the other person. This way Abdul’s courage was reaching the peak.

One day Abdul entered an air-conditioned railway coach without a ticket and occupied the seat of another gentleman. When the gentleman objected, Abdul resorted to his old habit, abused the gentleman and even threatened him. As these did not work, he started beating the gentleman.

When the gentleman called the Police, Abdul did not get cowed down. By that time TT had also arrived at the spot. The TT asked Abdul to show his ticket. But as Abdul had no ticket, he started to beat around the bush. When the TT asked Abdul to pay fine and the Police tried to arrest him, Abdul thundered,

Where were you when I entered the station?

When I entered this coach, why did you not prevent me?

When I sat in this seat, you did not forbid me!

Now when this person has started to quarrel with me, you are taking his side in the pretext of a ticket?

I don’t have money and I have to go on this train. In that case, will you throw me out of the train?

Where is the JUSTICE?

You need to give me notice prior-hand. I have been traveling by train without a ticket for years. Why did you not see then?

Now, just to side with this man, you are ready to impose fine on me”.

Abdul was in the top gear of his anger. A few more Abduls of the train came forward in support of the original Abdul and started creating ruckus.

They asked “What is this?

This is our train. We have been travelling in it without a ticket for years. We have shed sweat while travelling in this train. Our ancestors gave blood for this train. You are discriminating against ticketless passengers like us.

If you want to give a seat, then give it to all, but you only give seats to passengers with tickets and discriminate against us. You are doing DICTATORSHIP.

Had this man not started the quarrel; would you have come for checking? You are doing everything to support this man only. This is gross injustice.

There is nobody to take care of the poor from minority community. This is injustice.”

Thereafter a few politicians from the cohort of Abdul came. They started claiming that the passengers without tickets had the first right on the railway seats. They were shocked that the railway was intentionally spreading HATRED (Nafrat) between with-ticket and without-ticket passengers.

They would not allow continuation of this game of hatred by the railway. They also resolved that they would make such laws so that all without-ticket passengers would be given seats first and if any more seats were left, those would be given to with-ticket passengers.

The TT and Police were confused and wondered if they made any mistake by trying to impose fine and arrest the passenger without ticket?

Then a new TT with the Police Force came and arrested all passengers without tickets and their supporters. Absolute restlessness fell on the arrested gang.

Since then, the CONSTITUTION, DEMOCRACY, INCLUSIVENESS and SECULARISM are in danger in India.

The matter has not ended there. Meanwhile, Adb al-Zubair has certified the authenticity of the incident in Fault-News after (?)fact-checking. Lately, the intellectual and journalist Abduls (and a few Ayeshas) of India have taken-up the issue of this gross HINDUTVA-WADI injustice against one Indian minority community with Harvard University, OIC and United Nations; wrote articles in The Washington Post; and gave interview in BBC and Al-Jazeera. Audrey Truschke has also joined the gang of Abduls (and Ayeshas) and announced to organise a Seminar in New York on the topic of “Secular and Inclusive Aurangzeb”.

Today Abduls (and Ayeshas) are trying to set NARRATIVE like this about India across the country and the world with direct support from Congress, Communists, and so-called regional secular parties like AAP, SP, BSP, RJD, TMC, JDU, TRS, YSRCP and NCP etc. China, Soros, CIA and ISI have established direct links with Abduls (and Ayeshas) to destroy India, that is Bharat.

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