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Pseudo Secularism

कोरोना वैक्सीन और सेकुलर मित्र

इस्लाम नहीं मानता कि पृथ्वी गोल है और सूर्य के चक्कर काटती है। किसी ने क्या कर लिया उनका, और क्या बिगड़ गया उनका ऐसा मानने से? पाकिस्तान में दोनों तरह की साइन्स पढ़ाई जाती है: पृथ्वी के गोल और सूर्य के चारो ओर घूमने वाली भी, और उसके चपटी और स्थिर होने वाली भी, जिसको जो मानना हो, माने। यह होता है असली लोकतन्त्र!

Crisis of nationalism in India 2020

It is always a valuable exercise to freshly imagine what our country means to us, but in doing so we would do well to remember that when it comes to divisions of race, ethnicity, and religious belief, the unforgotten is the destroyer of nations.

Aha! Secularism

We have been so deeply secular, sensitive and frightened at the same time out of our brethren in minority that most of the time, in the remote of my village we had to re-course and redesign the religious processions and ritual according to their comfort and convenience.

How I was saved from Love Jihad

A personal experience of a liberal urban woman and her close brush with Islam.

Absolute ideas and thoughts in western societies

Armin and many other neo atheists in the western societies tend to call themselves atheists but they are still trapped under Abhramic ideology because they behave in the same way a religious person in Abhramic countries would behave only difference is that their gods have changed, it can be anything they say they believe in logic, science, and Humankind.

Secularism – The Indian version

The country needs to wake up from this noxious religious opium which these parties are giving since the independence. Especially the liberal youth who try to prove everybody wrong, should start acting like real seculars instead of being some politically controlled puppets.

Is Narendra Modi taking Hindutva too far or a fabricated hoax by liberals?

What irked these pseudo-liberal politician more is that their lie got exposed to general public and their opinion has no value to them.

Ram Mandir, Supreme Court and Munawwar Ranas of India: Decoding Ayodhya verdict

he great Urdu poet questioned Ex CJI Ranjan Gogoi’s honesty and credibility and refused to believe Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict as “justice”.

RIP ‘secular’; welcome ‘plural’

This kind of Anti Hindu bias was earlier called Secular. It is now proposed to be called Plural. It only shows the singular lack of understanding of the issue by these seculars.

In fight between secularists and nationalists, journalism loses its purpose

It is needless to remind, in democratic system of governance, the institution of media or the profession of journalism plays one of the most...

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