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Reply to literary review published in Hindu Daily on 30/04/23 Sunday given by Ziya Us Islam on book Politics of Hate authored by Farahnaz...

Unearthing certain facts which may be a paradox to the above declarations and totally rebut these sorts of literary works which place a half baked reality to the readers.

Secularism and Islamic fundamentalism: A comparative truth untold

This article will elaborate the situation of secularism in some part of this global village

Asht Laxmi: A new nomenclature given by PM to North East- Is something big in foray?

There is a need for deliberate effort to bring these Ashtlaxmies closer to each other barring the territorial disputes and eliminating insurgency, which can only be done  through focusing on higher economic growth endorsed by strong government will.

Hijab row: The right to offend comes with corresponding responsibility

this is high time to bring UNIFORM CIVIL CODE which would be applicable to all religious communities in matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption.

Reason to celebrate our constitution

ommon man's law is a belief that “justice prevails” is inculcated in mind of every individual who succumbs to corruption and disrespect in the regime of law and judiciary over the decades gets its energy from the provisions of law.

The Afghan crisis and right to protect policy of UN

The article focuses on humanitarian issues and, inter alia, on the possible impact on humanitarian action of the concept of the Responsibility to Protect by United Nations, which should be made the basis of the intervention in Afghanistan.

Self empowerment or self objectification

Individuals (both men or women) who attribute priority to self-enhancement are expected to be more involved in self-objectification processes.

Reservation policy and Reverse discrimination

Ever since Champakam Dorairajan case of 1951, the there has been a huge change in social engineering and amalgamation of social growth inclusion. Reverse discrimination is becoming a trend.

Reply to Ramchandra Guha’s open letter written to Supmreme Court judges

Mr. Guha, don't try tp shake people's faith in the judiciary by your silly arguments.

Delhi, Jammu Kashmir and Puduchery: Union territory with a difference

The basic difference is that Union Territories have no representation in the Rajya Sabha except Delhi and Puducherry and to add Jammu & Kashmir.

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