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A non-believer’s conversation with god

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God – Hey human, do you know me?

NON-BELIEVER – No, I don’t know you.

God – I am the God: the most powerful, the most merciful.

NON-BELIEVER – Hey god, do you believe in freedom of expression, freedom of thoughts?

God – Yes, I do human, that’s why I am so merciful, the giver.

NON-BELIEVER – That’s awesome god. I am extremely pleased you do.

God – See, I told you. I am the most powerful, the most merciful.

NON-BELIEVER – God, I would like to say something.

God – Go ahead.

NON-BELIEVER -I don’t believe in you.

God – What the hell ! You are disrespecting me. Those who don’t believe in me, I send them to hell. I order my followers to kill them.

NON-BELIEVER -Your followers kill them who don’t believe you on your orders, because you command them so.

God – Yes, I am the only one god, the most powerful, the most merciful, and those who don’t believe me, I command my followers to kill them.

NON-BELIEVER -But there are many who don’t believe in you but another god.

God – They are demons, I am the only god.

NON-BELIEVER -And that’s why you command your followers to kill them who don’t follow you? If you are so powerful, the creator of heaven and earth, why don’t you just change their minds. What is the need to kill them?

God – Listen, I don’t want to argue. If you don’t believe me; I will send you to hell, I will burn you in hellfire, I will make you go through immense pain, I will peel off your skin, I will boil you in hot water. You don’t know what torture can I do if you don’t believe in me.

NON-BELIEVER -God, whatever you have told just now make me feel that you are the actual demon and not god. All these tortures are demonic, aren’t they? And all those just because I don’t believe in you. How come you are most merciful then?

God – I am the most merciful for my believers only, not for non-believers. I love torturing non-believers. It gives me immense pleasure to burn you non-believers, to slit your throat, to rip off your body with bombs. I will torture you in such ways that you might never have imagined. I am the most merciful.

NON-BELIEVER -You say that you are creator of this universe. You created everything in this planet; am I right?

God – Yes, you are right. I have created every damn thing on this planet.

NON-BELIEVER -You have created me as well.

God – Yes, I did.

NON-BELIEVER – Then how come I don’t believe in you. How come I was born in a faith that worshipped some other god? How come not everyone worship you? How come there are different gods in different parts of the world?

God – Look, all of them are demons. I am the only god.

NON-BELIEVER – You sent me into the family of demons. Don’t you love me that you sent me to a family who worshipped demons?

God – Now, I am calling you back.

NON-BELIEVER – But I don’t want to come now. I want to stay there.

God – F**k You ! I will kill you if you don’t come back. I am the most merciful.

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