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A non-believer’s conversation with god

I am the most merciful but if you don't believe in me, I can kill you, under my merci!

Courts are the battlefield of legal mercenaries

Justice is costly, it comes with a price. It comes with a price tag that some simply cannot afford.

Communism: The opium of the mass murderers

What Nazis did was documented, filmed and photographed. But what about Communism? A sugarcoated ideology which killed millions of people across the globe: From Moscow to Stalingrad, Beijing to Tibet to Xinjiang, Pyongyang to killing fields of Cambodia, Tripura to Bengal to Kerala and so on.

Desert god and his messenger

The messenger of god, sent by the god in the desert for the betterment of humanity or for his own propagation?

Independence: What do you think?

From Raja Dahir to Prithviraj Chauhan to Maharana Pratap to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and many more; there has been a continuous struggle for Independence. Our independence is about protecting our civilization; from whomsoever it may be.

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