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Independence: What do you think?

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When did we got our Independence? when did we become a free country? 15 August 1947. Is that your answer?

I take it with a pinch of salt. If we say that India became free on 15 Aug 1947 and before that we were under the occupation of Britishers; I really feel that we need to visit the entire scenes once again and reassess our thoughts. We proclaim that on 15 Aug 1947, British freed us from the years of tyrannical rule. Agreed, Britishers were imperialist powers. We were being ruled by foreigners; Britishers were occupiers. So, getting free from the clutches of a foreign force who was occupying your country and ruling over your country is the freedom.

Agreed; but when did we become occupied and started getting ruled by foreigners? Did it start with the arrival of Britishers only? Were Britishers the first foreigners who attacked our country and ruled over us?

If Britishers were foreigners; then why were those Turks or Persians or Uzbeks or Mongols not foreigners? Why were those monstrous invaders who attacked our country, massacred millions of Indians, broke our holy temples, raped and enslaved our women and ruled over us not foreigners? How conveniently these fanatic Jihadists have been transformed to be our own? Who condoned them from being foreigners? Who whitewashed the entire history of our oppression and cries under their rule in an era of glory?

Let’s take the example of Mughal dynasty for instance. Mughal dynasty started with Babur. Babur was from present day Uzbekistan, in no way connected to India even during that period. But Babur and his progenies who wreaked havoc on our country and butchered millions of our country men are not foreigners? Why?

Who whitewashed their inhumane cruelties; worse than Hitler Nazis as being acceptable? Who promoted and glorified the falsified history that Mughals belonged to us and that entire Mughal clans who kept ruling over us; killing our people, breaking our temples, looting our resources, imposing zaziya on us to follow our religions were not foreigners but our own? You know well and now it’s time to speak up.

1857 is always being hailed as the first struggle for independence. Mangal pandey lit the fire which engulfed the British forces. Everyone fought against British and it was called as the first battle for independence. Really! was this the first battle for independence? We have been fed this history time and again that this was the first battle for independence. And against whom were we fighting; foreign invaders, the Britishers.

If fighting against foreign forces is the battle for independence, then these battles of independence started hundred of years before 1857.

So, let’s see when these foreign invasions started. If we see what we consider as today’s India, probably the first invader who attacked India was Alexander. Brave king Porus fought against Alexander and the juggernaut of Alexander stopped. This was the first battle to keep us independent.

Now my next question; when did we get started to be ruled by the foreigners, not just invasion? Have you heard of Raja Dahir, the King of Sindh? Mohammad Bin Qassim attacked Sindh; Raja Dahir fought against him but finally lost the battle. Muhammad bin Qassim established the rule over that area and killed millions of Hindus to establish the supremacy of newly founded Islam. That was the first foreign rule imposed over us. Mohammad bin Qassim was the first foreigner who started to rule over us and anyone who fought against him, were our freedom fighters.

Then came so many other barbaric, blood thirsty invaders; Taimur, Ghori, Ghaznavi, Chengiz, Lodhi, Tughlaq, Abdali, Hussain and Mughals. All of them were foreigners who occupied our land and started to rule over us. And all those who fought against these foreigners were freedom fighters, who fought to keep our civilization alive; Prithviraj Chauhan, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Guru Gobind Singh, Maharana Pratap and many more. All of them were warriors who fought against these foreign invaders. These warriors gave us independence, though in bits and pieces, over time.

But we were tutored and brainwashed to believe that only Britishers were foreigners, who ruled over us, looted us; and anyone who fought against Britishers were freedom fighters.

Really? Being ruled by Britishers is occupation but being ruled by Uzbeks, Persians, Turks and Mongols is not occupation. Fighting against the Britishers is freedom struggle but fighting against Mughals to be not counted as freedom struggles. That Lord Macaulay was a foreigner but Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi were our own. That general Dyer was a cruel foreign British Officer who killed hundreds during Jallainwala Bagh; but Aurangzeb who killed millions of our countrymen and murdered our Gurus, bricked alive their young sons was not a foreign monster but our own.

Such blatant lies have been fed to us as history for generations that we actually started to believe in.

Now move on to the next step. Britishers were those foreign invaders who invaded us, ruled us and when it became difficult for them, left our country. But these Mughal loonies who invaded us, destroyed us, massacred us, looted us are still present here and arrogantly lay claim to this country. Still their minions sing paeans and proclaim openly from the pulpits that their forefathers ruled India for 800 years; without an iota of shame or remorse.

You might have also heard this lunatic rant:

Sabhi ka khoon shamil hai yahan ki mitti me,

kisi ke baap ka Hindustan thori hai.

These unapologetic descendants of Mughals claim their rights on this country because their forefathers fought against Britishers; foreigners who invaded India. One foreigner who was ruling earlier fighting another foreigner who threatened their foreign rule. What an irony!

Just imagine a situation. It may sound funny but just think of it. British got defeated and vast majority of them instead of leaving India, settled in India. And then Britishers would say;

Mere Angrej baap ka bhi khoon shaamil hai yahn ki mitti me,

Sirf Mughalo ki auladon ka Hindustan thore hai.

But Britishers are foreigners nooooooo……

Going by that logic, Britshers have also shed blood defending this country. Remember Japanese invasion in second world war, they also fought against Japanese invasion who attacked India. Battle of Kohima is one such heroic tale of military valour whose remnants are still existing in the Kohima cemetery even now. If that is the logic, how can some say that Britishers have not shed their blood for this country. To counter it, liberals may say that Britishers were fighting to save their rule in india. If Britishers were fighting to save their rule, then for what were Mughals fighting; Mughals were also fighting to save their monstrous, blood thirsty regime in India. But Mughals fight was our own fight while Britishers fight was a foreign fight.

Britishers might have left, but Mughals never went back. And very often, you would find these arrogant descendants of Mughals venting their suppressed angers of no more ruling over this Kaafir land. So when some Owaisis of Hyderabad say; “ Our ancestors ruled this country for 800 years”, you could easily find the hidden Mughals still sitting there. Some Mughals parted ways permanently and made Pakistan. But many are still left and that venomous, monstrous Mughal identity is not dead, it is just subdued for a moment. And those who don’t want to shun their invaders ancestry and keep glorifying invaders; what do you think of them, that they have changed. No, they have not.

From Raja Dahir to Prithviraj Chauhan to Maharana Pratap to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and many more; there has been a continuous struggle for Independence, and you know from whom. So, wake up and face the reality. Our independence is about protecting our civilization; from whomsoever it may be.

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