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Communism: The opium of the mass murderers

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When you think of barbaric acts against humanity which has shamed the entire human race, what examples come to your mind or to be precise, what have been fed to your mind? Nazis; off course Nazis. Because what Nazis did was documented, filmed and photographed. You were reminded again and again that Nazis were blot on the humanity. Indeed, they were. They tortured millions of Jews, starved them in concentration camps, gassed them to suffocating deaths. Just think of any inhumane acts and Nazis committed. Such horrible souls they were.

But what about Communism? A sugarcoated ideology which killed millions of people across the globe: From Moscow to Stalingrad, Beijing to Tibet to Xinjiang, Pyongyang to killing fields of Cambodia, Tripura to Bengal to Kerala and so on. A gory and lurid tales of blood curdling crimes committed against the humanity, all in the name of lofty ideals of Communism: Equality.

Do you find the same outrage against Communists who did exactly the same what Nazis did? You would have definitely heard about Concentration camps but do you know about Gulags. Do you know why? Because History is written and shaped by the victors. Communists are glorified Nazis who wrote their own history.

Communists claim to fight for the oppressed and trampled, talks of emancipation, equality, better society; but once seated to power, complete submission to the communist regime is what they impose and oppress with even much barbarity and cruelty. Communism is an ideology where you exist only to support the ideology, else you are doomed. No one dare say a word against the communism; else he/she may not see the day.

In communist countries, criticism of communist ideology is the biggest crime, far worse than blasphemy in the theocratic nations of the middle east. For communists, ideology is even beyond nation. That’s why in China, it is not the Chinese Army but Peoples Liberation Army whose loyalties rest with the Communist Party of China. The primary task of the PLA is not to safeguard China but the communist ideology. This is how typical communists operate.

Do you know whom Communists are afraid of? Communists are afraid of the same people whom they promise to liberate? Communists don’t want people to speak up, to express themselves, to be free. Communists allows your freedom of speech only if you are a communist propagandist and toe the ideology; else tanks are waiting in the square. Complete freedom of expression they say.

Communist heroes are those who were absolute dictators. Be it Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot or Castro. All of them believed in violence with impunity; killing millions. That hooked sickle which reminds of the cursed hooked cross, signifies bloodlust which paints the communist flag red.

And these communists glorify all these mass murderers. It is the sub-conscious display of the mindset which every communist carry within: of violence, bloodshed and dictatorship. That’s why you will find that wherever communists rule; violence, political killing, bloodshed is an absolute norm.

I have just one question from all those who believe in Communism, promote Communism but are living in democratic countries. Do you support democracy or Communism? Their wishy-washy responses will tell you the truth. In a democratic country, communists enjoy every freedom which communist don’t give in a communist country. One can be a communist in democracy but one can’t be democratic in communist regime. The moment you understand this subtle difference between communism and democracy, you would be a liberated soul. Yet, some brainwashed souls like Bhaskar and Krishnan, despise democracy and love communism.

One unique thing which I would like to highlight about Indian communists. Communist parties have been in India for almost 100 years now but still their heroes are imported. If you ask these leftists who your heroes are; you will find them talking about Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro etc. God knows why they leave Kim un Jong and Pol Pot in endorsing. There is not even one local communist hero. You attend any communist ideological conferences; Marx, Lenin or Stalin would adore the wall. An ideology who could not produce even a single Indian leader to follow and who still import ideologies promise to liberate India. At first, every communist need to get themselves liberated from what can be called as mental colonization. And these bunch of mentally colonized communist thugs who thrive on imported ideologies and imported leaders seek to talk about India. What an irony!

Communists say that religion is the opium of masses. They talk big of shunning religion because it is the root cause of all ills pervading in the society. But two prominent communists who were atheists as well – Stalin and Mao; killed almost 100 million people in their lifetime. And what was the fault of those innocent souls who got butchered at the hands of emancipating communists; they did not like the ideas of communism. In democratic countries, masses are free to be religious or atheist. But in a communist country, you can shun religion but not the communist ideology. That’s why I say:

Communism is the strongest opium: the opium of the mass murderers; which despots across the communist world sniff to snuff out humanity, and get high on the stench emanating out of rotten dead bodies.

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