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Unmasking pseudo secularism in India

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“I live in an India where Bindi is patriarchy,
whereas hijab is a choice.

I live in an India where Hindutva is mocked,
whereas Abrahamic religions are celebrated.

I live in an India where right wing students are called as terrorists,
whereas terrorists are called as peacefuls.

I live in an India where halal is imposed,
whereas vegetarianism is Brahmanical patriarchy.

I live in an India where sarees are female oppression,
whereas Burqas are female freedom.

I live in an India where BJP is fascist,
whereas Congress is secular.

I live in an India where Azaan is allowed to play 5 times a day,
whereas Hindu festivals are not allowed to celebrate.

I live in an India where worshipping idols is mocked,
whereas the mockers worship 5 times a day facing the direction of a meteor.

I live in an India where leftist wokes, fight for women’s entry to Sabarimala,
whereas they remain silent when almost all Mosques deny women’s entry.”

‘Pseudo Secularism’ – is the term used to deny the genuineness of Secularism. Especially in India, Pseudo secularism more often refers to Pro-Muslim and Anti-Hindu thoughts.

Congress secularism was brought down when the locks of Babri Masjid were opened, and the very humane judgment of the SC in the Shah Bano case that was overthrown through a regressive legislation. Thus Pseudo secularism was indeed a political constrict of India and it has been transformed more than a mere vote bank politics. That is why Hindus reunited to crown BJP to power, to overthrow communalism of the NDA. If India proclaims itself to be secular, it shouldn’t have provided Haj subsidy, for no other Islamic nation provides this privilege. A secular Ex-Prime minister once quoted “minorities must have the first claim on the resources.”

“If India is secular,
Why is proud Muslim, a diversity?

If India is secular,
Why is proud Hindu, a cruelty?”

And irony laughs!!

Hindutva is by its very nature is secular and therefore it can never be communal. Hindus are born secular. After being affected by the pseudo secularist congress for seven decades, majority Hindus have gathered courage to stand against communalism. The second independence after 2014 had seen a real secular government in which Hindu people and it’s ideologies matters. Yet it is not enough! The anti Hindus/ pseudo secularists have started attacking blatantly after BJP has come to power and since the party has its Hindu ideologies. To quote a few, Murder of Harsha who fought for his “equal rights” against “special rights” which only the minorities get, Death of Lavanya who was forced to convert to Christianity, The murder of Kishan for a Facebook post and what not?

And I hope this article reveals the ‘veil of secularism’.

“India must shine, but for all.

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