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Subham Mondal

Ministry of culture Awardee '23. Ministry of Science and Technology ( CSIR CGCRI ) awardee . Deccan education society awardee. Budding author. Ex NMMS scholar (2016) . Alumnus - Visva-bharati university.

Dara Shukoh – An apostle of Hindu Muslim unity

Dara shukoh was ‘murdered‘ twice ; first in the hand of barbaric and monster Aurangzeb and later in the hands of narrow minded historians who intentionally omitted Dara Shukoh while documenting Indian history.

Preserving the past, forging the future- initiatives taken by present Modi govt to rejuvenate Bharatiya cultural sites

a new age has started in 2014 which aims to salvage Hindus from humiliation and revive sites of Indic faith culture. By doing this BJP under PM Modi is making the path smoother for future India both economically and morally.

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