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When Dr Shashi Tharoor lies in lucid English

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The readers are requested to visit this recent YouTube link,, before reading the article. This article is restricted to the opening remarks of Dr Shashi Tharoor in this link. Dr Tharoor made a narrative that was full of blatant lies and unsubstantiated bla..bla..bla.

Firstly, as opposed to the belief of Dr Tharoor, our country was very much divided on the basis of ideology, that was the ideology of a religion. India was divided on the basis of a religious ideology that teaches to divide the world into Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb; the religious ideology that teaches to divide the human beings into Momin and Kafir, where Kafir are hell-going sub-human to be converted or put under Dhimmitude or killed.

The religious ideology that publicly cries in loud speaker across India five times a day “There is no God but Allah”; the religious ideology where “Ishwara Allah Tero Naam” is Shirk (associating any other God with Allah), that is, worst form of crime to be punished by death, – can easily escape the consideration of Dr Tharoor.

These exclusive, violent and cruel teachings are still in operation among the followers of that religion in India. And Dr Tharoor dreams to be inclusive with them. Dr Tharoor can’t be called an ignorant person about that religion, but he was definitely lying for his narrow political gain and this political narrowness of the Congress party has brought India to the present stage.

Dr Tharoor’s sermon to the nationalist Hindus about “inclusiveness” is like carrying coal to Newcastle. But this inclusiveness of nationalist Hindus is against the Islamization of India. Muslims took away Pakistan when they were about 24.5 percent of the total population of British India. Now they have again become 18-20 percent of India’s population (because of high breeding rate and illegal infiltration from neighbouring countries) and hence is their violently dominating restlessness.

It is 100 percent a lie that those who fought for Pakistan had left India and migrated there after partition. While all 28 Muslim seats in the Central Legislative Assembly of Madras Province were won by Muslim League in 1945-46 elections, very few South Indian Muslims migrated to Pakistan. Same was the case with Bengal and Assam. However, a good proportion migrated from UP, Bihar, CP and Delhi. Maximum Muslim migration to Pakistan was from Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. So, a larger section of present-day Indian Muslims carries that Muslim League DNA. Not surprisingly Indian Union Muslim League has been an ally of Congress party and Rahul Gandhi finds it a secular party.

So as per Dr Tharoor, to make independent India inclusive, about 35 million of Muslims (about one-third of British India’s Muslim population) were encouraged to remain in India. Nobody cared to remember that 90 percent of those Muslims were staunch Muslim League supporters, who cried “Pakistan ka matlab keya, La Ilaha Illallah” across India during 1945- 47.

Keeping them in India was keeping the DNA of separatist and exclusive Islamic elements in the country. Those Muslims were later further encouraged by the Congress regime to propagate Islamism in India. It was very strange that the learned and wise Congress leaders of the then India were oblivious of the fact that secularism and inclusiveness were antitheses of Islam.

In 2019, to demean BJP government, Dr Tharoor told that he did not want a Hindu Pakistan. This he said because he equated Hinduism with Islam. Was Dr Tharoor’s ignorance about the basic tenants of Hinduism and Islam appalling? No. He knew that, unlike Islam, inclusiveness and tolerance are ingrained in Hinduism. But he was just lying.

Wafa Sultan, a Syrian-American medical doctor, writer, and critic of Islam in her book A God Who Hates said, “No one can be a true Muslim and a true American simultaneously”. This applies to Indian Muslims also because of the universal Islamic teaching of exclusiveness. Islam rejects nationhood and only accepts Ummah. Even Dr Ambedkar has written about this attribute of Islam.

After eulogising Indian Constitution in a stereotypical manner, Dr Tharoor blamed BJP government for destroying India’s inclusiveness and implicated BJP for one religion, one language, one leader culture, as well as, weaponizing the history for dividing, damaging and wounding the India that existed before 2014. But such bla..bla..bla..without substantiation has downgraded Dr Tharoor’s arguments to the level of street-corner debate only.

However, Dr Tharoor cunningly suppressed the fact that, Constitution-sanctified “Equality-abiding” Congress regime not only cheated Hindus through enacting States Religious and Charitable Endowments Act and Hindu Code Bill, but also tried to crush Hindus by bringing in Anti Communal Violence Bill twice in the Parliament. Congress party staunchly opposed the Ram Janmabhoomi Case in the Supreme Court and fought against abrogation of Article 370, enactment of CAA within Parliament and in public.

On the other hand, Congress regime (1) helped in making Pakistan and Bangladesh for Muslims, (2) remained silent on the failure of Nehru-Liaquat Pact 1950 to sacrifice Hindus of Pakistan (East and West), (3) brought in Article 370 for the Muslims, (4) accorded Hajj subsidy for the Muslims, (5) made Minority Commission for the Muslims, (6) constituted Muslim Personal Law Board for the Muslims, (7) made Ministry of Minority Affairs for the Muslims, (8) legalised and expanded the scope of Wakf Board for the Muslims and (9) gave Minority Institution Status to AMU and Jamia Millia Islamia University for the Muslims.

Again, under Article 30 (1), Muslims were allowed to study Islam in educational institutions. But under Article 30 (A), Hindus were prevented from studying their religion in educational institutions. Against this background, the “Equality-obsessed” Dr Tharoor must introspect rationally.  Dr Tharoor does not feel tired in reminding us the gospel of equality of all Indians before the laws of the country, but he fails to see that his Congress regime had made Indian Muslims more than equal in a systematic and sustained manner.

So far weaponizing history by BJP is concerned, Dr Tharoor had himself accepted in a TV discussion with Shri Vikram Sampath that the deliberate distortions of Indian history were made by the post-independent Congress regime to bring in unity among the people of newly independent India.

Thus, repeated brutal Muslim invasions on India were downplayed and Muslim colonialism (with its Islamization) in India for about 800 years was whitewashed and made to look ‘holier than thou’ by the successive Congress governments. The history of our freedom struggle was also hijacked by the Congress and bestowed all credits on the duo of MK Gandhi and Nehru. The less Dr Tharoor blames BJP for “weaponizing history” is better for him and his Congress party.

Dr Shashi Tharoor is a well-read person. So, when he lies in public forums in favour of Muslims of India, his deep-seated frustration is understood. Because, he can’t tell the truth publicly, which Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad has recently said (after leaving Congress) about the Muslims of India in general and Kashmir in particular. Congress party has become the B-Team of ‘Muslim League’ in past 76 years and Dr Shashi Tharoor is a pole bearer of that anti-Hindu party.

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