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Distorted History taught in education

Rewriting History: Birth of a new School of Thought

Where the Left perspective could have contributed in a wholesome narration, it chose to keep itself far-left. Standing tall with foundational pores in the blowing wind, the current historiography risks breaking its back. To bend, accept positive criticism and course correct may perhaps lead to an amalgamation of Left and Right perspectives of looking at history where they can both act as each other’s checks and balances.

Forgotten Heroes-I: VD Savarkar

In this article, an eminent personality and grassroots worker who lived his youth years in Andman jail, Vinayak Damodar Das Savarkar will be discussed.

Need of rewriting history to make it ‘narrative less’

To better comprehend India now, it is crucial to retain an open mind and continue learning about all facets of the nation's past.

The insipidity of independent India’s historiography

Seniors, such as have the inclination, energy, and intellect to read beyond the artless books at school, actively help their juniors with much better historical perspective, should the juniors themselves repose interest in the subject.

Islamism in Congress politics of India

Nehru appointed Maulana Azad was grossly unaware of Indic values, culture and civilization. Congress, thus, started Islamizing Indian education from the birth of independent India.

Educational politics – How schools dehumanize politicians

When 'Teachers' come to 'teach' with bias and preconceived notions, it literally ruins the generation to come, by their narratives and distorted facts!

Revisiting India’s constitution and the history of partition

British and some Indians never gave a real credit to true freedom fighters, who suffered exiles, torture at Andaman Island or outright murders. Similar experiences were cited in other countries seeking independence like Ireland, Kenya, and other colonies.

हिन्दूओ के दुर्गति का असली कारण

आज हम पूरे विश्व में चाहे वो बांग्लादेश हो या पाकिस्तान कश्मीर हो या बंगाल/केरल हिन्दूओ को नरसंहार किया जा रहा हैं हमारे मंदिर को जलाया जा रहा हैं तो इसके पीछे का मुख्य कारण हम हिन्दूओ में एकता न होना हैं।

Legacy of deceit: A menacing hegemony of ‘two-faced idealists’ in Indian intelligentsia and academia

Time has come to wake up, debunk and repudiate the deceitful portrayal of truth and liberate the Indian academia and intelligentsia from the stranglehold of these 'two-faced idealists' hegemony, otherwise, as someone rightly observed, our ignorance and silence will ensure the recurrence of history.

Introduce culture, agriculture and military training in the curricula

Inclusion of some new subjects, skill development programmes, agricultural training and military training may not be possible in the proposed school teaching structure. Therefore school teaching programme may be suitably extended.

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