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Distorted History taught in education

The history of India – a story of distortion by marxists

By interpreting history only on the basis of economic monopoly can not eradicate the wrongdoings which were done based on religion.

The hoax of Aryan invasion theory

It is unfortunate that many schools still teach the AIT not as a mere theory but as the truth.

To the youth – Please understand the mind of an average Hindu

Unfortunately, the average Hindu finds little presence in the academia and intelligentsia, which has ever trivialized the sufferings of the Hindus. The world knows of the injustices perpetrated upon the Jews and rightfully acknowledges them, but it knows not of the injustices perpetrated upon the Hindus

India’s Stockholm syndrome

The first leaders of independent India committed greater injustice in 60 years than the British or the Islamists in all of history by audaciously ignoring the power to reset the course to the future of the country; the cowards succumbed to selfishness and what I can only ascribe to the Stockholm Syndrome.

How history was altered by architects of out nation

A very few Keralites know about Mapplah Lahala where scores of tribals and commoners were massacred. Also, the history of how Pazhassi Raja defeated both British and Tipu is conviniently omitted from textbooks.

अशोक: महानता के कथानक को एक गंभीर स्क्रूटनी की आवश्यकता है

262 ईसा पूर्व में अशोक ने कलिंग पर हमला किया था जबकि लघु शिलालेखों से हमें पता है कि अशोक लगभग 2 साल पहले ही बौद्ध धर्म अपना चुका था। इसके अलावा धर्म परिवर्तन करने से एक दशक पहले से उसके बौद्धों के साथ संबंध प्रतीत होते हैं। यह साक्ष्य साबित करता है कि उसका बौद्ध धर्म अपनाना उत्तराधिकार की राजनीति ज्यादा रही होगी, युद्ध की त्रासदी से उपजा पश्चाताप कम।

The problem with some of the universities in India.

These liberal scholars, sitting in universities, play a game of psychology in which they repeat same things to the students everyday about a person or ideology and instil in them the same thought process as theirs.

Entertainment, history and a slow poison

If we continue in the same way we are going after five hundred years, some people will talk about the extinct, great Indian civilization just like we talk about the lost Egyptian civilization.

Textbooks or left propaganda material?

It seems like communist and left wing academicians have pledged to create an army of comrades.

फेक इतिहास का फैक्ट चेकर कब?

फेक न्यूज से ज्यादा खतरनाक है फेक इतिहास और फेक विचार। सैकड़ों साल की गुलामी की वजह से भारत में फेक इतिहास की जड़ें बेहद गहरी हैं।

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